MVP Freo's BF MVP Voting for 2017 - Rules etc.

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    Pre-season for the AFL is under way and we’re all starting to anticipate who’s going to have a great year and who might not. When the big stuff begins we’ll be able to lay down how we see things in all sorts of ways including in the Freo Big Footy Player of the Year voting. As usual I like to post the method and rules a couple of weeks out and open things up for any opinions or discussions.

    Unless I hear enough murmurings among the masses, it will be the same as it has been in recent years. The regular voting rules go like this:

    General Voting

    BF posters post their votes for players after the game. Posters can vote within the following boundaries:

    No more than 15 votes can be given by any one poster, typically allocated 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - but any other combination is allowed including votes totalling less than 15.
    • No player can get more than 5 votes in a single game
    • Fractions aren't allowed and are rounded up as long as the above rules aren't broken, in which case they are ignored
    • Anybody who lists ambiguous votes such as "1 vote for player x/player y/player z" have their votes included in that order as long as the above rules aren't broken
    • Any blatant donkey votes are ignored (eg. votes for opposition players), but legitimate votes amongst them are included as long as the above rules aren't broken
    • Other than that, I just use the educated guess technique
    A few days after the game, and with some notice, I'll tally the votes and allocate scores of 7-1. In addition, any player that gets 2% of the total vote (min 5 votes) also gets a score of 1 (see this post from a while back for details). As with last year I'll also tally total votes and other bits and pieces and post running totals in a dedicated thread.

    Best Young Bloke

    If we use last year's rules, it goes like this:

    A 'young player' for voting purposes will be any player who is either a.) 21 years or less at the start of 2017 AND has played less than 12 AFL games or b.) is 25 years or less at the start of the 2017 and has yet to play an AFL game.

    EDIT: After some requests and thinking it through, two extra (Tucker and Hughes) players should really be included as BYB given they only miss the criteria by the smallest of margins (1 game and 3 weeks respectively). They have been included in the list below.

    By that criteria, the following players would qualify as YBs. List is by DOB and Rookie Listed (R) is indicated.

    Brennan Cox
    Sean Darcy
    Taylin Duman (R)
    Griffin Logue
    Luke Strnadica (R)
    Darcy Tucker
    Harley Balic
    Ryan Nyhuis (R)
    Josh Deluca-Cardillo (R)
    Luke Ryan
    Brady Grey (R)
    Michael Apeness
    Matthew Uebergang (R)
    Ethan Hughes

    If any of the qualifying players gets a game, and you think their game was worth it, then nominate them for a vote.

    A 'Young Bloke' will also get a nomination if they are listed in the 'regular votes' but not mentioned specifically as a BYB.

    So that's it. Any comments, suggestions, corrections etc. welcomed.
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    Lock Darcy into the BYB award right now. Apart from Apeness the rest won't get a dozen games between them
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    Onya PapaJ may I commend this link for your expert perusal in assisting the task of calculation and collation:150 computers :thumbsu:
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    Ha ha. That is an awesome find!! I think last time I indicated how I was adding them up I stuck to those old main frames. I'll take your hint and upgrade to the world of micro-computers listed in that site ;)

    BTW, I really love that link. It's going straight to the pool-room (AKA know as the Bookmarks) I can see myself wasting a lot of time in that place - talk about bringing back memories :):$.
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    Thanks for doing this again PapaJ! Looking forward to my buddy Langdon taking it out this year
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