Competition From Footy To Futbol : Week 14 - St Kilda Saints


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Aug 4, 2012
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Adopting European football traditions
The 2020 AFL Season will see all 18 clubs sporting a somewhat different look!
We say goodbye to the "Same jumper, different year" trend
All clubs home kits will be a slight variant of the traditional kits
ala European football clubs kits every year

Your job is to create a new Home, Away & Clash (3rd) kit for each club for the upcoming 2020 AFL season
Just like soccer kits, these will be changed in whichever way you please as long as it's within the clubs jumper traditions
Comp will run for a week, Poll will run for 3 days, winner picks the next team!​

Updated 8/8/2019
  1. Entries must include a new 2020 Home, Away & Clash jumper
    1. Shorts and Socks are optional
    2. A 4th kit is optional
  2. The 2020 home jumper will be based off the clubs usual home jumper's elements and can be altered while keeping it's charm
  3. The away & clash (or 3rd if you like) can go in whichever direction you please
    1. They don't have to be based off the current ones because that'll close the window for more creativity
  4. You cannot directly copy any past/present designs from the chosen club
  5. Entries must be submitted into 1 image (This prevents going over the image limit for polls)
  6. Maximum 2 Entries
  7. Any other questions, please ask


Past Results

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May 19, 2012
AFL Club
Nice! Where's the idea for the yellow third come from?
The colour comes from the yellow away jumper they had in the early 2000's (although I started out with it a bit darker like their '05 heritage. The actual design is from the 07-08 clash with the stickman in the middle because its far cooler than just putting the club logo in the middle of the jumper.

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