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May 9, 2013
Perth, Western Australia
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Dont know where to post or even if its Allowed. My daughter was born with Gestation Diabetes and since has always had alot of trouble with her weight. Getting Bullied at school not wanting to do sport cause its so much harder than the rest. This year she has started doing Parkrun an amazing place and has managed to choke up 20 5km runs this year. So at the moment she is doing a fundraiser for her school for a colour run, she set her self a masive target of $500 and has gone beyond the call of Duty to get it.

Besides posting on SM and doing the run, she got home from school baked a heap of cakes home made sausage rolls sandwhiches and supplied Morning tea for some Posties at a local delivery center. she also had to get up 5 am and go to school on top of all that. Currently she is 150 short on her goal.

So I am putting it out to the BF community if we can put a smile on this girls face and get her over the line.


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