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Funny stories from non-AFL fans

Discussion in 'Queensland Footy' started by Wayde Gniel, May 27, 2016.

  1. Wayde Gniel

    Wayde Gniel Draftee

    Jan 14
    In the 22 years since I moved up from Melbourne I've seen and heard some funny stuff from non-AFL fans coming to grips with our game - from sad attempts at bagging the sport and getting the names of famous players wrong, to badly mixing up the rules when they actually gave it a go.

    Just out of interest and for a lighthearted change of pace, what's your favourite "non-fan" story? It's definitely something only us footy fans in Queensland and NSW could ever relate to!

    A good example I'll always remember was a rare conversation about footy back in my school days, where one kid was trying to tell me about a player he had once seen kicking some freakish goals. I knew who he was talking about of course, but nearly wet myself when he said, “That’s right…Dai-cos…Jamie Daicos!” Haha!

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