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Nov 14, 2005
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Hi all, just thought I'd note here for your reference that I've noticed Stadiums Queensland are running a tenders process to rename the Gabba, so youll probably be getting a silly name coming soon.

This is an open market tender, which means that it could be any organisation naming your ground. Hopefully its not too sh*t!

If some of you have $$ and no sense you might want to put in a bid.

Registration for Request for Proposal for The Gabba Naming Rights
TS #688079​

Stadiums Queensland
Stadiums Queensland
Probity Advisor
Stadiums Queensland
Transaction Manager - Gabba
Ph: (07) 3008 6100

Contract No. SQ199160
The world class stadium, currently known as The Gabba, is a longstanding icon of the Brisbane landscape and home to the mighty Brisbane Lions, Brisbane Heat and Queensland Bulls. Also known as the impenetrable fortress for the Australian cricket team, The Gabba is considered to have one of the best cricket wickets in the world.

First established in 1895, The Gabba has hosted countless major events including cricket, AFL, baseball, rugby league, rugby union, Olympic soccer and most recently Adele and Taylor Swift concerts.

The stadium has a 42,000 seating capacity, a range of function spaces and corporate facilities, and boasts unrestricted views of the oval playing surface from all seating areas. The Gabba is the ideal stadium to host international sporting and entertainment events.

This is a unique opportunity for a company to become the first ever Naming Rights Partner of the world famous Gabba.

Registrations for The Gabba Naming Rights Request for Proposal (RFP) are being sought for the acquisition of Naming Rights at The Gabba.

Registrations for Request for Proposal for The Gabba Naming Rights

To register for the RFP, Stadiums Queensland (SQ) is inviting suitable Naming Rights Partners to submit the below items via email

Company Details
Company name;
Directors details;
Major Shareholders; and
Registered office.
Nominated Company Contact for the transaction
Email address; and
Phone number.
Naming Rights Partner Capability
SQ is seeking evidence of financial capacity to make an offer commensurate with a significant naming rights opportunity; and
A copy of the most recent year’s financial statements, or any other evidence that demonstrates the ability to meet a Naming Rights Partner commitment.
Confidentiality Deed Poll
Due to the confidential nature of this transaction, a Confidentiality Deed Poll has been developed and is attached.
Please return an executed copy of the Deed Poll.
After submission of the above documentation and assessment by the Transaction Manager that the documentation is correct and complete, the RFP documentation will be issued.


SQ has appointed an external Probity Advisor to monitor the procedural integrity of the RFP Process. If any Respondent wishes to raise concerns about the RFP Process, these should be raised in writing at the earliest opportunity with the Probity Advisor

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