GABBA to host Grand Final

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Jan 5, 2017
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Thought I would include this here, since the GF being awarded to the Gabba has placed a spotlight on AF in Qld.

The QRL stated on 24.7 that the Rugby League Brisbane Juniors competition, for U6- U12, had c. 5000 players, in 497 teams. This is a very small figure for a RL heartland city of 2.2m (Not including Ipswich, since it has its own Ipswich Junior RL competition- 5000 figure doesnt include IJRL players).

There are also detailed figures for the record growth of AF in SEQ.

(scroll down to my posts#104 107 110 129).

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Nov 26, 2018
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Brisbane Lions
So grand final time announced 6.30 PM Brisbane time.
Melbourne/Sydney with daylight saving will be 7.30 PM

Brisbane Saturday October 24th - Sunset 6.00 PM Twilight 6.25 PM- Last light 6.53 PM

A fairly good time for most people in Australia.
WA like Queensland don't have daylight saving so 4.30 pm start in WA
SA start 7.00 PM
NT Start 6.00 PM


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Aug 17, 2009
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Guess they've moved on. We saw Jet before the Boss a couple years back and all I could think was I never really appreciated them before. I bet 1 million Aussies would feel the same and 1 million more would fall in love for the first time.
Their choice though.

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