Game Day Game 2 Marsh Series v Swans Kingston Ovals Tasmania

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Apr 24, 2013
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Why is Cooney even in the media ?

He acts like a 14 year old and by far the dumbest 14 year old in the class

On iPhone using mobile app

A complete *******.

I get the impression that he's pissed with us after reading this board toasting him on his childish stupid commentary and it burnt him.


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Nov 26, 2017
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Have stated this before, but how long until we routinely start using a lockdown/run with tagger, yesterday it was Kennedy in 1st half, v Melb, Brayshaw to an extent, v Bulldogs, the Bont/Macrae etc, seems it is par for the course for opposition ball magnets to get a relatively free run at accumulating disposals v us, despite having a dominant Ruckman more often than not.

Since we lost Jacobs, this position has not really been addressed/filled, rather ignored with the "back our boys in" strategy, Kyron gave us a tantalising glimpse before tearing his achilles, but it appears he won't be available in the short term.
Someone said 6- 7 weeks , round 4 maybe. I have been told Kyron looks extremely fit and has done a mountain of running so it'll be interesting to see how and when he goes. Images put up on FB looks like he's smaller than last year, his skin folds would be pretty darn good. Hopefully he's still working with BJ.
Nice to here a bit more love for JMac on here, don't get the hate for a guy that busts a gut and played his roll well against Sydney.
Talks over here at the moment regarding the virus are about keeping the players and coach/medical staff away from fans ECT. No media for players at the moment.

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