Win Prizes Game Previews Are Back - One Final Opportunity!!!

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Freo Football Foci
Apr 8, 2008
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A room? I'm not even allowed to carry Snuffaluphagus' bags apparently.
Ballbags. Ball. Bags. Ballbags.
Big, big, big Snuphalufgaus balls in bags are beyond Tonga's rookie tong tricep tweaks.
Keep training though, Snuffy ball bag bearing brilliance beckons, rookie padawan mod...
Bob Grovels New

Tonga Bob

Oct 26, 2013
The country somewhere
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SFFC, LFC, ADO, CI Warriors
Good morning all,

First of all I want to thank everybody who have written game previews and/or committed to writing game previews this season. The quality that has been delivered each week has been consistently outstanding, which has come out in the positive replies that follow each preview.

We've come to the point in the season however where we're about to run into some vacant rounds. Next week's trip to Docklands to face Essendon is the first one, followed by gaps in rounds 11 (away to Port) and 12 (maybe at home to the Bulldogs). So I'm getting on my metaphorical knees and groveling for people to adopt one of these lost rounds.


And just to show that I can put my money where my mouth is, I will step up and take on one of these poor abandoned fixtures. And given my love of bulldogs of the red and white variety, I shall take on the team from Whitten Oval.

Who will join me in taking one of the final rounds?

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