Autopsy GBU vs Wobbles - Rd 22

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Aug 1, 2008
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He’s just posted another one of Brown cutting us up while M Crouch just jogs along.

He cops a spray from Luke Brown too.

Awful footage
I was going to mention this one on the day, but didn't want to rile up the peanut gallery so soon after the loss

There was also another instance earlier in the game where he turned his back on active play before the shot at goal had been kicked, rather than a snap from a mark.


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Jun 7, 2011
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The on-field results recently of our AFL and SANFL teams are actually heartening in a funny sort of way. It means that change is afoot.

The place is reeling top to bottom. No one is certain of their future so we look a bit directionless and passionless compared to driven teams who know exactly where they're going and who's going to be there.

Older players don't know if they're going to continue, some perhaps focusing on what life after footy looks like. Some players are potentially at other clubs - distracted, not 100% committed to the cause. Coaching staff not sure if they're part of the future Eg coaches would be spending more time on than spending hours preparing detailed feedback for players. What's the point of working hard and fostering relationships with players who aren't going to be here? What's the point of working with and trying to impress coaches who are on the way out?

I think there will be a gutting of the list (perhaps not all in one season but over the next two) and an overhaul off-field. So the place has become similar to a workplace that's going through cutbacks and downsizing. Necessary for the long term but currently creates a negative vibe and our spiritless play reflects this.

Perhaps this has crept up on us which has left us reeling to a degree? Internally we may not have realised how bad things were until the post-bye losses started mounting. They should read BigFooty more often haha
I’m expecting 3 extensions out of Sauce, Otto, Dougie and Mackay. I’m expecting Hart to be moved on, 1 year contract after all. I expect Pyke to be gone once finals are out of the question next year. No other changes.

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