Game Day GDT: (RND:14) Melbourne vs Fremantle 13:45@ MCG- Dockers Anchor of Doom(tm)

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Jun 1, 2012
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I think May will be great in the long run. A good preseason in him and if we can actually get our best backline playing together we have a very solid defense. Just need the midfielders and forwards connecting and we can turn it around next year. The best we can do now is really upset some teams.
Agreed. He’s a real anchor down back. What we’ve been crying out for. If we can clean up some shameful turnovers for goals, games like that should become comfortable wins.

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May 20, 2004
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Good to run over the top and win, but geez still some things to fix. Some of the field kicking was still appauling.
Come on mate we don't win often. 4 days out of the past 300 or so we win. Enjoy it and bemoan the bad kicking any other day...
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