Game Day Geelong Cats v Collingwood, Finals Week 1 - 19:50 AEST, Sep 06, 2019 - No umpiring complaints during game.

Who will win?

  • Geelong <10

    Votes: 13 7.7%
  • Geelong 10+ to <30

    Votes: 33 19.6%
  • Geelong by 30+

    Votes: 17 10.1%
  • Collingwood <10

    Votes: 19 11.3%
  • Collingwood 10+ to <30

    Votes: 66 39.3%
  • Collingwood by 30+

    Votes: 20 11.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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Electric Boogaloo
Dec 1, 1999
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Geelong Cats v Collingwood, Finals Week 1 - 19:50 AEST, Sep 06, 2019


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Thread Rule: No umpire complaining until after the game.
Geelong Cats
FB: Zach Tuohy, Mark Blicavs, Harry Taylor
HB: Mark O'Connor, Jack Henry, Tom Stewart
C: Mitch Duncan, Patrick Dangerfield, Brandan Parfitt
HF: Gary Ablett, Esava Ratugolea, Gary Rohan
FF: Luke Dahlhaus, Tom Hawkins, Jed Bews
FOL: Rhys Stanley, Tim Kelly, Joel Selwood
I/C: Jake Kolodjashnij, Tom Atkins, Gryan Miers, Quinton Narkle
EMG: Scott Selwood, Sam Menegola, James Parsons, Lachie Henderson

IN: Jake Kolodjashnij, Tom Atkins
OUT: Cameron Guthrie (Injured), Lachie Henderson (Omitted)

FB: Levi Greenwood, Jordan Roughead, Jeremy Howe
HB: Jack Crisp, Darcy Moore, Brayden Maynard
C: Tom Phillips, Scott Pendlebury, Chris Mayne
HF: Steele Sidebottom, Brody Mihocek, Will Hoskin-Elliott
FF: Jamie Elliott, Jordan De Goey, Jaidyn Stephenson
FOL: Brodie Grundy, Adam Treloar, Taylor Adams
I/C: John Noble, Callum L. Brown, Josh Thomas, Rupert Wills
EMG: Matthew Scharenberg, Travis Varcoe, Jack Madgen, Josh Daicos

IN: Jaidyn Stephenson, Jordan De Goey, Steele Sidebottom
OUT: Jack Madgen (Omitted), Matthew Scharenberg (Omitted), Travis Varcoe (Omitted)

Scott Pendlebury - Playing 300th game

Robert O'Gorman (10), Ray Chamberlain (18), Simon Meredith (21)

Where and when: MCG, Friday September 6, 7.50pm AEST

TV, radio and online: Click here for broadcast guide

What it means for Geelong:
The opportunity to bury the post-bye and finals record in one fell swoop and book a home preliminary final. Since winning the 2011 flag, the Cats are 2-11 following in-season weeks off and 3-9 in September overall. Veterans Joel Selwood, Harry Taylor and Gary Ablett would enjoy the extra week's rest, too.

What it means for Collingwood: A home preliminary final is a tasty proposition for a team aiming to build continuity. Welcoming back Jaidyn Stephenson (gambling ban) and Jordan De Goey (injury) to play with Darcy Moore for just his second game in eight weeks would place the Pies in a strong position if they were to progress straight to the penultimate weekend.

The stat: Dating back to round 22, 2017, Geelong has held Collingwood to an average of 56.6 points in their past three meetings. In the 47 matches against all other opponents in that period, the Pies have scored an average of 90 points.

The match-up: Rhys Stanley v Brodie Grundy

They shared the honours back in round one but this could be Stanley's biggest test as a No.1 ruckman. Ranked No.2 overall in the Official AFL Player Ratings, Grundy is in career-best form as he prepares for Stanley (No.11 ranked ruckman).

It's a big week for: Jaidyn Stephenson

Friday night marks 88 days since Stephenson was last on an AFL field prior to his 10-week suspension for betting on Collingwood matches. In the first half of the season he was the focal point in attack for the Pies but just how much impact can he have on return?


Big call: Chris Scott to flip the narrative and proclaim, "We're an anywhere, anytime team," as the Cats hold on in a thriller.

Prediction: Cats by eight points.
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Herne Hill Hammer

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Jun 22, 2008
AFL Club
I would be more concerned about playing post bye than at the MCG if I was Chris Scott
Yep, but they've done things a lot different this year compared to every other year Scott has been coaching Geelong.

We'll see if they've got it right or not.

Geelong can absolutely win the flag, but with potentially 2 byes, I'm not sure they can get to the thing.

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Team Captain
Nov 28, 2017
AFL Club
Collingwood can win if they control the game, Pies will need to tag out a player like Danger or Kelly imo their mids a bit more damaging then the Pies. guys like Sidebottom/Philips will also need to be better than Geelong's wings.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 6, 2016
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Reckon we're underdogs and for good reason. Cats coming into form.

If we bring the suffocation game we might get em. Can't allow gaj, Kelly and Danger off the chain as much as they can't afford Pendles and Sides time and space either. Not that Pendles needs it anyway as he just bends time to his will. (still scratch my head how he does that - never seen another player emulate it to that level)

Reckon it's won in the middle and Danger worries me. Grundy will therefore be key, will need to continue the extra mid game if we're any chance.

My feeling is :$


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 6, 2016
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De Goey

You watch those guys kill it in the finals. And kill us.
This is not a given, those two come up against a very very stingy defence. For Collingwood to win they'll need to nullify all of gaj, Kelly and Danger not to mention the likes of Tomohawk and the Sav.

This is a seriously difficult game for us to win. Think you're dismissing the cats too readily.

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Club Legend
Sep 20, 2014
AFL Club
Woods & cats have been average after their glittering starts. Woods play well as underdogs and their intensity and pressure will lift. Manic pressure will defeat Geelong as we crumble in finals. Paddy our key obviously.

The Sim Dog

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 5, 2007
Near Casey Fields
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I rate the Pies but the Cats are so far under the radar, I expect them to make a statement (not margin wise) and win
Fair reason we are a bit under the radar and it's that a lot (if not most) of our second half of the season has been disgraceful. But we did get there in the end (home state final) and I feel like the by might actually help us this time as our oldies will appreciate the freshen up.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 17, 2003
AFL Club
Cats will either end the finals hoodoo by smashing us by 6goals plus or we will beat them in similar fashion due to their poor post bye record. I see no close match here either way.

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