Review Geelong defeats Freo by 32 points in a Monsoon

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Oct 9, 2010
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Great win in the slop of the monsoon

Still lots of work to do but 4 points banked

5-3 good place to be

Close a good debut - and most of the ins this week held their own and did well.

Could be 3rd on the ladder too.

Fog, Guthrie, Blitz - yes in the ruck - Duncan, Menegola, 2e ( mostly) even Hendo held their own.

PFD quiet and still got the win - no Selwood, No GAJ.

And Tomma kicked more than Freo did LOL

Chook did good too.

Go Catters
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Feb 28, 2011
Shhh...its a secret!!!
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Good win but lets all concentrate on the big talking many weeks for Hawks elbow knowing that its....well....Hawk... ill say 2!!!!

But seriously though it was a tough win in hard conditions, stupid footy at times but in reality we kick straight we win by 70+.

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Cursed Cat

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Sep 15, 2005
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With no Selwood to toss the coin and declaim in the huddle - and with the additon of 4 new faces for 2020 (and one debutant) - it was fresh coat of paint on the old Ford Hoops.

However a lengthy, frustrating period in which we could not gain any scoreboard advantage despite a clear edge in possession, forward entries and class was sapping for much of the first half.

The torrential conditions provided some mitigation, but some misses - such as Gary Rohan's surely-not failure from inside the goal square - could have been deflating. If Freo were a better the side they might have overcome the conditions and a sometimes-sloppy opponent to make a better fist of things.

But when Duncan kicked our 2nd deep in the 2nd quarter after having had the ball on a string for much of the term it felt as though we had the Dockers well and truly covered - a three goal buffer at the long break really should have been around six.

10 days after being down on rotations early on due to injury, and copping a sh*te run from the umpires, our fortunes turned 180 degrees; Freo lost a player early, and we got a string of frees in the 2nd quarter that reflected our general dominance.

Of the new faces tonight; Henderson was superfluous, what with Harry winding back the clock to produce a superb key defensive game and Henry solid in nullifying the more dangerous deep aerial contests.

Fogarty bobbed in and out of the game; he was fairly quiet overall, but with Dahlhaus out for the forseeable future he has an opportunity to build on tonight's encouraging effort. Can show good intensity in tight, needs to produce that more often.

Charlie Constable played exactly like I remembered him playing when we were on fire early on last year; not a run-and-carry player, he gets it and gives it; does not hatch it. F*ck the haters.

I don't get to see any VFL these days so it was the first I'd seen of Brad Close tonight; he could have had 3 goals on debut; got to the right spots regularly. 1 and a couple of assists is a good night's work given the total final scores.

The unlikely Esava/Blicavs ruck combo weren't under any real duress for the evening, but tagged-teamed the role fairly adequately.
Coming up against a Mumford-type on a night like this wouldn't have been much fun, fortunately they did not encounter that kind of opposition.

I enjoyed Parfitt's duel with Mundy; Mundy is a gem, he got better as the game went on but Parfitt picked him up late and they went at it in close; good experience for Parfitt.

Loved Hawkins work-rate in the first quarter; he was clearly keen to show some leadership and did so in the best way possible. Got some cheap reward in the 3rd with a toenail-goal and ended up out-scoring Fremantle.

Zac Tuohy is in career-best form, his first half was absolutely dominant.

Solid, consistent form from B-graders like Tuohy, Cam Guthrie and Sam Menegola has been really important in keeping the team competitive and covering when we've lost the likes of Ablett, Duncan and Selwood.

A vital 4-points.
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