Review Geelong defeats Tiggers by 63 points

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Captain Goodvibes
Aug 16, 2008
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Max brought massive physical mid field presence to compliment a pretty tough team around the ground (Chappy, Mooney, Milburn, Hunt, Scarlett). Even though the Port mids in 2007 GF actually got quite a lot of possessions they were ineffective, in part due to Max throwing himself at them. He also had enough skill to mean that he could be reasonably effective with a few possessions. I often think that we could have done with another Max in finals in last 10 years - Joel has often had to be relied on for the physical contest. Not sure who could fulfil that role now.

(FWIW - IMO Max stole the show at the 2007 GF preso on the Sunday at KP - merely with a rasped couple of words, still in his crumpled suit from the night before - very Max. Had the team roaring with laughter).
I was there too. He barely said 10 words. I think it was Billy Brownless who asked: "Max, weren't you wearing that suit last night?"

Max: "I had it dry-cleaned at midnight."

The whole place cracked up :tearsofjoy:
Not open for further replies.

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