Autopsy Geelong lose to Pies by 22 points - Rd 7 2020

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Feb 18, 2008
Kardinia Park
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Collingwood know how to play us, that is clear. Scott has done nothing to address it, and we suffer for it everytime. Every top team plays the same way, swarm the ball carrier and put them under pressure. It results in low scoring but you keep control of the game, that's why coaches love it. We cant expect to play our kick at all costs chip it around game against the top teams and win. And it's showed for the last 3 years. Big changes needed to make us look competitive against other top teams.

Having said nice to not have such a lopsided free kick count and not lose a star 10 minutes in while missing 2-3 best 22 players before the game starts.

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Jan 13, 2006
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Two goals to Degoey that was first an obvious dropped mark and another one paid to him that bounced off blicavs back which he then caught...

Two down for a chunk of the night and one down the entire game, when the game was on the line to be won the free kick count was 22-7..

only ten point down before the Degoey catch off blicavs back for a goal.

not as bad as people think...

Crap losing but I don’t think it was that bad given all circumstances.


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May 25, 2017
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Not our night tonight. Early injury to a key player doesn’t help and just struggled to get into the game. Would like us to take the game on a bit more and lose by double then the stop start stuff.

One observation is that the Pies really struggle to put teams away, they should have had us on toast by half time but they find a way to give teams a sniff.


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Apr 15, 2007
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I reckon Collingwood's therapist must be being kissed a bit from the first bounce to the last. That James Hird-esque parry of the ball being deemed a mark, and those out the back slips and slids, plus the array of frees against to Geelong was too much. Granted we were outplayed, but i thought the effort was there, but losing Selwood early was a huge blow, and the Pies were just very clean with the ball. I can't help thinking we'd love to play a day game in some sunlight and non-slippery conditions where mongrel ball seems to rule.

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