Autopsy Geelong loses to Demons by 25 points.

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Max Rooke Appreciation Society
Oct 9, 2010
Los Angeles and Melbourne
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Denver Broncos, Red Bull Racing
Kind of a puss like performance there.

The post Hawks lethargy was present as well.

Lots of players down.

Selwood, Stewart, Atkins, Blitz, Tomma did good.

The rest were kinda fugly today and just not really into it.

Lots of work to do but we all know that already.

GO Catters

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Premiership Player
Sep 11, 2006
AFL Club
I don’t even know why I’m angry and disappointed as I genuinely didn’t think we’d win today.
They are absolutely nothing to worry about,
Once again we have gifted them several goals by poor running or just the fact several decisions were made today that didn’t mirror up with the same interruption from a different Umpire.

We’re guaranteed to get back Danger, Rohan and Parfitt back next week.
That’s at a minimum, whether we see Cameron is yet to be seen.

In my opinion, those players help us narrow the result and possibly change it.
Our players are getting hurt with our lack of depth at the moment and it’s hurting our fitness across the ground.
The players look spent and the fact we have to bring in someone who ended up playing 6 quarters of footy this weekend proves just this.

Good fight, sh*t result but this is by no means Danger signs.
Bring on North and the next month


Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 12, 2017
AFL Club
Zuthrie believers...oh no!

It is what it is, I subconsciously checked out of this one last night after his inclusion and Holmes' unceremonious dumping. It signaled the white flag from the get-go, could have brought anyone at all in but instead we revert back to a player they clearly know is not up to it and never has been. Get some players back in next week and cross his papers for good now, Dahlhaus with him.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 11, 2005
On the Road to A.G
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One thing summed up the game for us. We have SO MANY DEFENDERS on the field at any given time which kills attacking play.
Miers got the ball on the wing and ran too far because NO ONE up ahead besides Hawkins made a move for him.
If you play heaps of defenders forward, don't be surprised when you have fu** all attacking play and can't kick enough goals to win.

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Premiership Player
Aug 17, 2009
AFL Club
Just so much wrong with this club:

- sh*t style not worth sh*t in this modern game. Don’t give me that crap that it’s the players - find a style that suits the players AND the current rules

- an extension of WHY the style is sh*t us it saps natural instinct and natural flair our players have. They look flat, over think, hesitate and just f*cking look to be HATING their time out there. This is why no one congratulated smith. No unity out there.

- another extension is it LETS the other team play well and take advantage

- moving on from style, we just don’t tackle and harass with aggression. Every time the ball was in contest there were more melb players. We were out numbered and lost. No urgency, half tackles and melb players broke tackles

- too many defenders in the team

- there is no unity in transitioning the ball. The players have NO CONNECTION. Do they even like each other off the field? Looks like they’ve never spoken to each other

- what is our culture? If Scott dodges through the press conference I’ll blow a fuse. The direction our club is taking is deeply concerning. From game style, to list management. We’re about to fall off the cliff hard. And we don’t have good picks or enough elite youth to dig our way out

- lastly, why the f*ck were we trading our future round 1 pick in the last draft. Absolute dead set arrogance. You NEVER know what’s going to happen the year after. I called it at the time. That was stupid as were likely going to have a top 7 pick. Richmond laughing all the way to the draft


Protecting the Dropzone
May 16, 2012
AFL Club
Really lucky to only be 4 goals.

Blicavs and Selwood with 7 tackles each. Kind of unbelievable with the conditions the way they were and us being second to it.

Stanley putrid, Dahlhaus putrid.

A bag blew across the ground in the third quarter and it offered more than Dahlhaus did.

ZGuthrie is an honest trier and was thrown under the bus a bit, but probably not up to it. No diss on him though, he's played more games than I ever will.

That said, we'll be a much better team with Cameron in and Dangerfield back. Watching Hawkins up the field delivering to Cameron will be a delight.

We didn't have the pieces to win the game, pretty simply.

We'll be back. Richmond 2007, North 2021. Next week is going to be huge.
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