Review Geelong spifflicate Fremantle by 69 points. - Rnd 18

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Pavlovs Cat

Premiership Player
Sep 19, 2012
AFL Club
Other Teams
Norwood, Aston Villa
Just a little?

I still remember him slagging off the entire region on our first night game at KP when the lights were installed…and he did that for the entire night not just one instance

he’s an absolute campaigner of the highest order
Well said. Couldn't agree more. All piss and moan whenever something iffy goes our way but crickets when it goes in the other direction.

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Club Legend
Mar 14, 2009
AFL Club
The cards were stacked high against us for this game with a 5 day break, travelling to the west, and the COVID protocols/bubble to deal with.

Very impressive performance with the Cats clinically overwhelming the caped ones from the getgo.

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