Review Geelong spifflocates West coast by 97 points.

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Max Rooke Appreciation Society
Oct 9, 2010
Los Angeles and Melbourne
AFL Club
Other Teams
Denver Broncos, Red Bull Racing
If thats wall papering over the cracks..

Can I have that wall paper every week please?

What a great effort by everyone out there.

Granted Wc missing some players but you can only beat whos out there. And smashed them we did.

JC a great and obvious addition to the F 50. Rohan a massive benefactor of it. And long may it continue

Mitch Duncan 60m barrel the high light in a long list of highlights.

Congrats to Stanley and Dahl for 150 and 200

Everyone a winner today - except the injury to MOC and Kolo.

Still skills to be worked on but overall a great win and if ever there was an 8 point win this was it.

23% boost as well.

Go Catters

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Tony Barber

Club Legend
Apr 6, 2017
AFL Club
Worried about Cameron.
I'm calling it. Will miss with hamstring tightness. He does not take a set shot from 40 on a 30 degree angle and kick around the corner. Ever.


All Australian
Sep 29, 2010
AFL Club
Wow that was fairdinkum unphukinbelievable (Bobby Davis style!!) Did not expect that at all after last weeks dogs breakfast effort. How good was it to see Jezza up and about. Magnificent stuff. Dead eye dicks today as well in front of goal. Mitch Duncan take a bow that torp goal just before half time was epic!

Top shelf stuff today Cats. Keep it up! :fire:

Strange Cat

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 26, 2017
AFL Club
I know it's football day, but people really need to pay attention to the parking signs for the streets around KP

There's areas of 1 hour or 2 hour parking 7 days a week, and not limited to weekdays

There was at least 4 cars in the 1 hour parking area with tickets
Meh worth a ticket to see a game like that today I reckon

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