Game Day Geelong V Richmond 2020 AFL Grand Final

Who Will Win?

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Oct 9, 2010
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If you'd taken a poll at the start of the season, and we kind of did, not many had us here.

Lots had missing the 8, a good portion had making the bottom of the 8, a few had Top 4 and some pelican had us in the Top 2.

Well it turns our Pelican's are like famed Octopi and can pick winners - or at least Grand Finalists.

Because here we are Cats fans, the 2020 GF is here and we are neck deep in it.

In a year that has been, as the Queen as been known to describe an Annus Horribilis, the Geelong Football Club has been able to navigate its way thru the most challenging and difficult of times. There have been logistical, personal, financial, health and fitness and political nightmares to navigate, and yet the players, the club and the supporters have found a way to be able to get past it all and here we are, the 2020 AFL Grand Final.

The opposition is heady. Their 3rd GF in 4 years with 2 wins on the board. They know what they are doing and how to do it. They are good at their game and are happy to tell us about it. They are to be respected. But enough about them.

So, what about us.
Our Skipper runs out for his 200th as Captain. The GOAT, Gary Ablett Jnr, the son in the Greatest Footballing Father Son arrangement of all time, runs out for game 357 in the final appearance of an AFL Legend career.
Other Father sons join him in the continued legacy that the GFC promotes so well, Tom Hawkins, Jed Bews and the most inexperienced playing for us today Sam Simpson. Tom looking for his 3rd Flag, Jed and Sam their first.

But the Geelong family extends outside the direct familial lineage, we accept class from everywhere. The Guthries brought in a Blicavs who became a Dual BnF winner - who was a runner not a footballer. We have a Class b rookie from Ireland, Mark OConnor, who played Gaelic footy and now bites off 45 m kicks on his wrong foot into traffic and nails them. He joined by another Irish larrikin in Zach Touhy. He came to us from another club. And when speaking of those whom came from other clubs, we have many returning home to the region.
The most well known, PFD, can usurp the current sitting Mayor of Geelong Cameron Ling if we win today. We have Hendo, who came home to us and when the music stopped he was without a chair at the end of last season. But instead of dejection and derision, the music started again and not only got a chair for 2020, but found form, and them more form, and has gone from last Rookie selected in 2019 to GF Full back. And whilst in the backline, what about HT - the mature ager that replaced the injured Matty Egan to become the most solid feature and defensive stalwart of the backline since 2008. HT looks at his potential last game as a GF win in a stellar career.

Home is where the heart is they say - And so Rohan and Dahl would agree - and now their choice to be here has them in a GF.

Some dont come home to Geelong, they just come out of eagerness for a better professional and personal existence -from where they were listed - Stanley and Menegola for example.

And to those that have found themselves here over their entire career - all of whom have had their name and number called by one bloke - Steven Wells. Either from the region already, or brought here because they caught his eye - Mitch Duncan, Brandon Parfitt, Jake Kolodjashnij, Cam Guthrie, Gryan Miers, Jack Henry and Tommy Stewart. From the weeds of local leagues we have pulled All Australians and players that are vital cogs in the way we play. All equally important in playing the way we play Geelong football.

And here were are, the 2020 GF team from Geelong.

So how about winning it.

Pick the right boots and this keep your feet. The pressure will be there you can count on it - implied or literal but it will be there.

Keeping your feet is a must. And whilst on your feet, be first to the ball. Grand Finals don't wait for anyone - and neither can you waiting for another to do the work.
Be smart about it, but be there and be be effective with what you do. That does not mean what you do has to be pretty - toe pokes arent pretty - but they are damn effective and that little 1% can change the moment, it can make a moment and moments win games and this is biggest game we have this year.
So make the moments count.

Moments count by taking your chances - Conversion is key. The pressure will be there but take the extra 1/2 sec, breathe and back yourself in. Play for your teammates. Work for each other and support them.

These roads are not travelled by individuals -- they are travelled by teams of individuals that work together and for each other.

Glory and footy immortality awaits the 22 the does the above the best today. The achievement thus far is impressive and to be respected, but it is not complete.

Today you complete it. Go and do it Geelong. End the 2020 AFL story with Mission Completed.


GO Catters

And a Final note to those whom enter this Board over the period spanning the pregame, the game and the afterglow. This is a Geelong Supporter Board. We have some roadworks going on at the moment so please be advised that much like speeding in such roadwork zones, FINES AND INFRACTIONS WILL BE DOUBLED. So post wisely and fairly and you'll be fine. If your intent is otherwise, or deemed to be otherwise, the results will be swift and hefty. You HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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Mr Meow

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Aug 7, 2016
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That preview was superb Daz and got me as pumped as anything has all week.

It's the night before, here in the UK. As Daz will attest, us expats draw even more importance from the GFC than when we were inhabitants of the fabulus island that is Aus. And boy hasn't footy got us through a tough old year, no matter where we live. Win or loss, I'm proud of what the boys have been able to achieve this year and the relief they have given us supporters. I also think in general the sub-forum is to be commended as a place to chat footy when it easily could have degenerated badly this year. Let's hope we are about to witness another special day in Geelong footy history.


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Oct 3, 2003
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Nov 12, 2015
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Jun 12, 2015
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We here we are to try and save football one last time. They wrote it in our song just in case others from lesser clubs ever forget. "We play the game the way it should be played" and that's on and off the field. The game was on its knees in 2006. AFL CEO's were criticising premiers and rightfully so because the game had descended into a boring stalemate and punters were walking away. Enter cats 07 to play footy like it is supposed to be and bring the fun excitement and scoring back to the world.

Once more into this void we venture today with the game once again requiring salvation. A dark empire has descended upon the competition who preaches culture yet wins with zero class. I liked Brisbane, I hated Hawthorn because well it's Hawthorn but I bloody respected them because at least after the game they won with class. Richmond I am I think most of the footy world just can't have. It's not like Collingwood where you have to hate them.

No one outside their "culture bubble" want this mob to win three. So once again it is geelong where others (GWS and Adelaide) have failed. Once again we must carry not only our own expectations but those of a footy public desperate to see this flogs dethroned.


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Herne Hill Hammer

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Jun 22, 2008
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It's 4am in the Pilbara, up for another day of work, day 4 of 14.

I'll be heading home to my wife and kids in Vic after the 14 days have finished, by the time I get home, it will be 18 weeks since I've seen them.

I put all my bets on last night, all my winner / NSM doubles and first goal / NSM doubles. It's the only day of the year I punt.

I have arranged 3 hours off this afternoon so I can watch the game in peace on my own in my donga.

I grabbed some bikkies and cheese from the mess last night and a couple of cans of Coke Zero for my in game dining.

Stay away rain and Go Cats!!
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