Opposition Camp General AFL and other clubs discussion thread. **Opposition fans not welcome** Part 5


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May 13, 2008
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To bring some levity back into the thread it appears that Gary Rohan will miss for the Cats due to injury :rolleyes:

Would have nothing to do with the fact that he couldn't get a kick last week.
Geelong are screwed. Duncan is a much bigger out. And Scott is still in :p

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Aug 27, 2015
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I heard on good authority that the Bombers are keen on the trade for the right deal.
(Two early to mid 1st rounders)
Essenjection* should jump at two first round picks for Daniher. Body continually lets him down and he'll always have major kicking issues. Besides, they won't go close to a flag with the list so why not let Dodo get a few more fistpumps out by blowing those picks on a two more flaky flankers? :drunk:


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Apr 6, 2010
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Upon reflection I doubt there would be a worse club to trade with than the Scum.
Serially over value their list.
Resort to lies and deceit in order to "win" every deal.
Their track record says it all.

Just watch this years trade period yet again be bogged down by their posturing
How good was it when we gave Shotgun Williams to them for a first round pick and he barely picked up a footy after that. He even got a 3 year pension fund

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