Oppo Camp General AFL and other clubs discussion thread. **Opposition fans not welcome** Part 6

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Larry Barnsworth

Tiny Scotch Vovo
Mar 11, 2018
AFL Club
Did LOL at the man on the mark example they had on Fox Footy to justify the new rule. Had former skipper Stratts, but we weren't the problem for a change! We were the victim.

But why I loled: the dude on the mark was shown to be miles over the original mark as he came forward and inboard to guard the corridor. Unpenalised.

So once again - non issue if the existing rule was enforced correctly. 50m penalty under the rule of the day for being over the mark and Stratts might've finished with 3 career goals!
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Mar 5, 2007
Lou's Tavern
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Quarters look far longer. Will be survival of the fittest. Need a team of endurance running beasts. Imagine there will be a lot of soft tissue injuries in the first 5 rounds this year I reckon.

Ned Ryerson

Future Captain
Sep 23, 2012
Punxsutawney, PA
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Am I the only confused at Rioli only getting two years when he tampered with a sample not once but twice

what am I missing
He got leniency for admitting what he did and playing ball with the investigation - basically known as the ‘Don’t be an arrogant, obstructionist fu**stain like an * player’ technique.

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