Oppo Camp General AFL and other clubs discussion thread. **Opposition fans not welcome** Part 6

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Shot of Jaeger

Bleed Brown & Gold
Apr 27, 2018
AFL Club
When Cox debuted, dickhead Darcy must've said he is 199cm 20 times throughout the game.
Must've grown as he has already mentioned twice tonight he is 200cm in opening few mins. I'm predicting he will get to 20 again.

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Larry Barnsworth

Tiny Scotch Vovo
Mar 11, 2018
AFL Club
Gee the Swannies are generating some shots at goal. Scary how effortless they make it look. Keeping the Bombers in it by spraying though.

ETA: Bugger me, * are in front! #BadKickingIsBadFooty

Twice in the first 5 minutes pariah has f’ed up a handball because he has no left hand side.
How does a footballer get to this level and not be able to handball on his opposite hand?
I was a mug footballer of the highest order, but the one thing I could do was handball much the same using left or right hand. It's bizarre. :shrug:

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