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Sith Lord
Oct 14, 2005
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In other news, the Alez Omi Opi deadshit has been officially charged, and will face criminal court tomorrow. She's been charged with "endangering others" and "unintentional injury". She's looking at up to $23,000 in fines and/or 1 year in prison.

She's also been sued by the CPA (the Cyclists union), for the princely sum of 1 euro. That's about making a symbolic statement, rather than a desire to punish her. The criminal courts will see to the punishment.


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Jan 11, 2007
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Overall summary:

6 mountain stages with 5 summit finishes (La Super Planche des Belle Filles, Col du Grannon, Alpe d'Huez, Peyragoudes and Hautacam, the last two for the first time in a long time.)
6 flat stages including cobblestones on stage 5, 11 secotions, apparently 5 haven't been part of either Roubaix or Le Tour so we'll see how that goes.
7 hilly stages for the Puncheurs, probably enough to tempt the likes of van der Poel, Colbrelli etc to go le Tour over the Giro.
2 ITT's (wish they'd do 1x TTT and 1x ITT), the second of which has two decent climbs and is 40km long
4 different countries (Denmark, Belgium and Swizerland)
Also starting on a Friday to allow a transport day between Denmark and France on the Monday

So it's:

3 stages
Transport day
6 stages
Rest Day
6 stages
Rest Day
6 stages

And the 19th stage is a flat one annoyingly. Should be a mountain day. Otherwise looks like a very good course. High point is over 2600m so that's pretty good. The cobbles being part of it makes it a fascinating team selection for UAE, I think JV are better equipped to handle this sort of thing with guys like Dennis and WVA to somewhat protect Roglic. Also suspect we see Ganna ride his first tour due to this, Ineos need him to protect whoever they're going to ride for.
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Jul 25, 2007
hong kong
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It's a classical TDF route in which the GC will probably be decided by stage 18 - For some reason the placement of weekend stages is uninspiring - Weekends should always be mountainous or semi-mountainous stages.

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