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Discussion in 'Skills, Coaching, Admin, Umpires' started by South West 29, Aug 17, 2017.

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    Oct 15
    Hi guys. Played two games of old boys league this year and didn't go too bad considering I have never played the game except kick to kick. Played first game in defence, had four goals kicked on me by their best forward in the first quarter. Benched second quarter. Played on a wing second half on their best runner and best user, he delivered I50 for two goals then tried to run me off my legs by taking me into our forward half. I delivered I50 for a goal. My team mates were always there to help me when I had the ball which was great so I always had an easy option to handball.

    My question is in the second game without really having a damaging opponent I was left to run around by myself. Got a few touches sure. But where should I go when starting on wing a lot of the game was played through the middle. I felt like a lost sheep I'm 183cm 88 kgs. And how do you call for the ball when I don't know guys names

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  2. cptkirk

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    Hard initiation - being put on the 2 best players in your 1st game!

    The wing can be a shithead s you can run up and down there all day and get zero footy

    Best case scenario is that your team looks to switch the play which is where you come in if you're on the far side of the ground - don't just stand there but no know that's "your area" you need to get to as soon as your team gets the ball in the backline

    When the ball is on the other side of the ground then you're best spot is to stand somewhere between the center circle and the far center square line to again get a sideways/switch kick

    If you don't get the ball directly then if the ball goes into the forward 50 on the far side of where you're standing, then you can go in with it and try and rov a goal

    If it goes into the forward 50 on the side between you and the closest boundary line, then follow in to about the 50 and man that space so the opposition can't switch the ball out

    does that make sense? I could make a vid for it

    EDIT - made one anyway

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