Gerard Whateley - Best in the business?

Who is the leading journalist in footy circles?

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Aug 22, 2006
Long Way from Arden St
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Gerard Whately is a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere that is putrid with the stench of the boys' club culture. In terms of footy journalism, daylight is second at the moment. Then maybe Damian Barrett.

GW's work on Offsiders along side other sports journalists is excellent.

Back One Out

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Mar 2, 2015
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Good vs Evil
His well publicised grilling of Hird is proof in point that Gerard can ask the tough questions and he is always the consummate professional; credible, unbiased, insightful and intelligent.

Last year, when it was time for Whateley the journo/news reporter to stand up and be counted over the Essendon peptides scandal, disappointingly, he proved he was just another company man who played it safe and did the bidding of his Fox Footy & AFL masters.

His change of tone and attitude when interviewing James Hird was refreshing, but too little too late, as far as I'm concerned.

Otherwise, he's a polished performer, but I don't particularly respect his knowledge or opinions.

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the PILL

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Jul 29, 2007
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He is the best... Grounded and sensible and quite willing to takes his statements back or re iterate the facts after situations develop ...

I honestly dont know how he was let rise to the top in such a player/tabloid saturated industry...

Rodney Dangerfield

Doesn’t matter
Mar 28, 2005
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What business are we talking here? The business of looking down your nose being condescending and thinking you’re better than everyone else and your opinion is the most important because your co host is a muppet?
All true and that bad that I’ve actually gained a respect for Robbo this year. He speaks from the heart and exposes Whatelys agenda almost on a nightly basis. The way he dismisses him though... I don’t know how Robbo didn’t chin him tonight.

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