Getchya sorry arses to the G this Sunday , let’s pack it out

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Dude, I go for Richmond
Jun 18, 2007
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As they say in the classics , midway 1Q is better than not there at all
I got there midway through the first quarter v the Saints, score was 18-0 their way. Arrived just in time to see Sydney Stack's screamer. 103-52 our way after I got there.

And yes, I will be there, expecting a similar scoreline, only I'll be there from the start. 106-58

Rodney Dangerfield

Doesn’t matter
Mar 28, 2005
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A bloke who recently started work with me has moved from Sydney never been to AFL before he’s a rugby man but I’m getting him on the tiger train, He and 5 others from work coming as 3121 guests with strict instructions it tigers or not coming. Including one who I took to the 2017 GF a crows fan, it’s a good omen!

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