Gil and Fitzpatrick Named in Writ -- the saga

Discussion in 'ASADA, WADA, and Drugs in Sport' started by Spongebob, Feb 15, 2017.

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    On the bus
    Was some one found positive for hash?

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    Is this the same Ms Andruska ...
    the Bombers and Hird assert: “In her evidence, ASADA’S key witness, Ms Andruska was non-responsive, evasive and partisan.

    “She frequently avoided answering the question asked, instead giving speeches to persuade the court of the validity of ASADA’s course of action under her stewardship.

    “Ms Andruska sought to disassociate herself from decisions that were not formally put to her in writing.

    “The court will also have noted Ms Andruska’s long pauses before answering questions, the answer to which would not assist ASADA’s case.”

    And Justice Middleton noted:
    I do not consider these criticisms, to the extent they impact on her veracity, can be sustained. Ms Andruska was a truthful witness. Ms Andruska was careful in all her responses, and in my view wanted to consider properly each question, seeking to provide a truthful answer. Ms Andruska provided convincing and credible explanations for the steps she or her investigators took in undertaking the co-operative arrangement between ASADA and the AFL for the purposes she outlined in her affidavit evidence. Ms Andruska was a very experienced public servant, and explained during the course of detailed cross-examination the approach undertaken by herself and investigators of ASADA and the AFL. The cross-examination traversed many areas of detail relating to various meetings and decisions made in the course of the investigation. I would have expected Ms Andruska to be careful in responding to the interrogation made of her on these matters, as indeed she was.

    Just another attempt by some at BomberLand to drive David Evans from the club?
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    You're the one trippin l suspect.
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    Jan 6, 2015
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    in your worst nightmares
    You know that article is from March last year, yes?
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    Positive for hashtag is what I heard #thegoodstuff
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    This will never be over until someone comes clean and tells the truth, which is not likely to happen any time soon.
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