Opinion Gil and Steve are wankas - opposition supporters welcome.

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Phar Ace

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Feb 9, 2017
Sunshine Coast
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Roy and hg are awsome, takingthe piss out of Gill and magpies
Yep, they've been especially good this morning. Loved the connection with all things criminal, Collingwood and 'match fixing'. How bad is Collingwood's gambling culture if nearly all the fines have been against Collingwood players;):D

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Nov 20, 2008
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Just realized something very scary...
Footy is changing just like the music/cricket i loved changed...it's not going to be how i loved and remembered it!
F*** I wonder if I'm going to end up playing videos of my favourite Tigers games because the game has turned to sheet just like i play my old Vinyl records of the Stones/Doors/Steely Dan because I cannot handle this modern sheet!!!

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Jul 25, 2008
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Just fu** right off you ass clowns.

Seriously I'll almost be done with the sport if they keep changing rules.

Introduces the 6-6-6 rule in hopes to wreck our gameplan by not allowing us the spare man coming from the back of the square. Still a chance for top 4. So that didn't hinder us as much as they would like.

Now they are trying to take away our tackling pressure because their last set of rule changes didn't stop us.


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Sep 25, 2017
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Just fu** right off you ass clowns.

Seriously I'll almost be done with the sport if they keep changing rules.

Yep, with idiots running the show it is only a matter of time before we lose the fabric of the game as we knew it. Soon enough we will all loose interest and they will be left scratching their heads on what caused that to happen as they are not smart people.

I wouldn't mind minor tweaks here and there but they are actually changing the look of AFL footy. It is a shame the people running the asylum are not smart enough to see what they are doing and put a stop to it quickly. Instead, Hocking comes out and embarrasses himself once again. GAGF GIL AND HOCKING :mad:

Get them out .... and fast!

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