Gillon acknowleges Giants role in growing the game.

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Isaac Cumming No 1

Mar 28, 2018
AFL Club

From an interview done at Spotless today.

For me I can live with the cap issues. Yes COLA was removed unexpectedly through no fault of ours. Yes our list and cap concessions were ended a year early. We move on. It will be maturity and mental strength that's the key for us in onfield success for the next 5 years or so anyway, and recruiting well.

What I dont get is why our distribution is reducing. It dropped by about $3m last year. Gillon acknowledges we have additional responsibilities compared to clubs from traditional states.

So fund it ya cheapskate.

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 14, 2011
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West Coast
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Renault F1
How much of that is just what he had to say though?

The CEO of the AFL is hardly going to say anything different after all.
Either way you look at it, what the clubs in the developing States need to do to promote the game is substantial, & IMHO they are doing a great job as demonstrated by the number of Q & NSW kids on paying lists.
So easy in the traditional States. Gil got something right.

Ichabod Noodle

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 13, 2011
The Riff
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It will be interesting to see how they go crowd wise against Essendon this week.
Biggest non-derby H&A crowd in club history. Not bad.

More interesting, though, will be the crowd in pissy weather in the middle of winter against a team like Gold Coast who have no/few travelling fans.

But for the time being, I’ll take a pretty good crowd against Essendon as a start.

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