Unofficial Preview Give ‘Em Hell (Dees) V Yield to None (Bulldogs)

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Optimistic Dog

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Oct 11, 2014
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Western Bulldogs
We are now at the crescendo of another Covid interrupted AFL season. We have the two best teams of the season even if they both suffered form lapses throughout the season with the Bulldogs lapse looking to be terminal. Somehow the dogs have found their 2016 soul and have produced a final series true to their motto “Yield to None”. The Demons have also been very impressive and have backed up their favourite status.

The romance is all with the Demons 57 years since their last flag, the Norm Smith curse, the premature deaths of a number of players and the Neale Danaher MND fight. Forgotten in the sentimental support of the Dees is they lead the dogs 12 flags to 2.

Popular opinion is this game will be a ripper and it is going to be very close with stars everywhere. Rarely does reality meet expectation and a lot of Grand Finals are not close. However, to quote a well-known insurance advertisement there seems to be little separating the teams when you compare the pair.

The Dees have the advantage in the ruck with Max Gawn and a more highly rated defence headed by May and Lever. The dogs bat deeper in the midfield with Macrae and Smith having a finals series out of the box.

How The Game will be played

The dogs like to play an extra midfielder round the ball using handball to free up The Bont, Jacko Macrae and Caleb Daniel when around the ball. Libba is often critical to winning the ball in close and getting it out to the play makers and Dunkley is the added support. The dogs are used to getting belted in the ruck and will hope for born again Steff Martin to help nullify the inform Max Gawn.

The Dees are happy to concede a number around ball for 2 reasons the dominance of Gawn to get it to Oliver or Petracca and secondly if they lose possession an extra number in the backline allows May and Lever to drop off an intercept and create scores from the backline.

Popular opinion is if the dogs are to win they must win the midfield battle clearly and release key players into space to hit forward targets. If the Dees win the midfield battle or break even then it will be difficult for the dogs to kick a winning score.

The two times the Dees and Dogs played have produced a one all result. The Dees winning the first game by 28 points and were never challenged by the dogs who appeared to not handle the Dees pressure. The second encounter was played in wet conditions the dogs lead all night but were challenged by an inaccurate Dees on a couple occasions.


I might be biased but I think the Dogs will the get the job done. The dogs will field a stronger team than when they beat the Dees in Round 19 with Treloar, Dunkley, Wood and Martin in the team plus Alex Keath was subbed off with a hamstring in the first quarter. These are significant changes with Martin’s ability to quell some of Gawn’s influence a key. I expect Aaron Naughton to confirm his status as the best young forward in the game with a big performance and the Norm Smith Medal. The Dees can win the game if they can get the game on their terms and Gawn, Oliver and Petracca have really good games. However I think the Yield to None Dogs will beat the Give ‘Em Hell Dees by 13 points and Bevo and The Bont to become Bulldog royalty again.
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Aug 17, 2014
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Not a fan of overseas teams.....
Hi Guys who agrees with the above analysis and where else do you think we will get done.
Another missed thing was the ground we are paying on we play well, and the time we beat them this year was not Marvel, but the MCG. And Optus was designed if i remember correctly to replicate the MCG.


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Mar 15, 2001
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I'm thinking about the prospect of going into the HT break behind on the scoreboard, and pondering what could be done during that HT break to fire us up. You often hear about certain actions that either inspire a turnaround or lead to a capitulation.

The Crows have famously experienced both sides of those actions.

In 1993, Adelaide led the Bombers by seven goals at HT in the Prelim Final. A 'Mark Bickley fart' supposedly disrupted the mood in the Adelaide rooms at Half Time, which led to a capitulation and a Bombers victory.

In contrast, in 1997 with the Crows five goals behind at HT in the Prelim Final, Shaun Rehn ripped off his knee brace in anger and threw it into his bag. His teammates were stunned but also inspired by those actions. Those actions led to a remarkable turnaround that we don't need to discuss.

Given that, I'm thinking if we are behind at HT, I'd love to see Caleb Daniel rip off his helmet and throw it in a bin. Those actions could very well inspire us to a famous comeback victory, and those actions by Caleb will go down in Bulldog folklore.


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Dec 13, 2012
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Western Bulldogs
Does anyone think we'll use an "injury" sub if Martin has run out of puff chasing Gawn around by 3 qtr time?
Surely this is Martin’s last AFL game, in which case it would be remiss of him not to hook a few campaigners on the way out

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