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Mar 5, 2011
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A player protest at the Global T20 Canada on Wednesday delayed a second round match between Toronto Nationals and Montreal Tigers by two hours. Both sides initially refused to take the bus at the scheduled departure time from the team hotel to the CAA Centre in Brampton and ESPNcricinfo understands it was a protest over unpaid wages.

A press release from the organizers said, "The game between Montreal Tigers & Toronto Nationals on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019, was delayed due to procedural issues between the players, the GT20 league, and the franchise owners. All the stakeholders had a meeting and addressed the concerns."
ESPNcricinfo understands the protest is not limited to these two teams. Sources have said other squads have told team and league owners Bombay Sports Limited that they will refuse to take the field for the playoff stage beginning on Thursday if their unpaid wages have not been fulfilled.
"We're not gonna play until we get paid," one player from another team, who asked not to be named, told ESPNcricinfo.
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