Goals for All

Where would you want your money going?

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Team Captain
Feb 18, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I'm pretty keen to get around this initiative. I like that we can choose where are money goes while there is an incentive for our boys to win.

Anyone else getting involved?

Also, where do we think money is best spent? Strive for 5, The Huddle, Arden St Precinct, Zero Debt.

I personally think Strive for 5 would make the most sense as it would impact our debt, sponsorship deals, relevance/history (and government support in Arden St precinct).

Open to other opinions and thoughts

Kick Goals with North

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Oppa gangnam style
Sep 21, 2017
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
For those interested:

Goals For All is a brand new initiative designed to help strengthen the future and sustainability of the club. We are being challenged like never before and we need your support at a crucial time in the club’s history.

The process is a simple, with a donation for each goal kicked by the team or player of your choice.

Then, your tax deductable donation will be sent directly to an area of the club you’re most passionate about, including:

Strive for 5 - Fast-track our next AFL or AFLW Premiership

The Huddle – Inspire more than 10,000 young people to improve health, education and careers

Arden St precinct – Give a competitive edge and help build a world-class sporting and community hub

Zero debt – Get back on track after Covid-19 and be debt free

Whether its investing in a new piece of technology in the football department, strengthening our engagement with the community or building a world-class precinct, every dollar will make a difference.

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