2nds Gold Coast Reserves Thread

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The Victorian

Premiership Player
Oct 23, 2018
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Gold Coast
Other Teams
Storm, Western Utd
Would anyone put money on all those matches being played given covid
Yes because if you look at it, we don't travel much! Only to Sydney once and Melbourne four times

Round 1 vs Footscray at VU Whitten Oval
Round 2 vs Sydney at Metricon Elite Oval
Round 3 vs Collingwood in Melbourne Venue TBC
Round 4 BYE
Round 5 vs Brisbane Lions at Gold Coast
Round 6 vs Southport at Fankhauser Reserve
Round 7 vs Aspley at Gold Coast
Round 8 BYE
Round 9 vs Williamstown at Gold Coast
Round 10 vs Frankston at Skybus Stadium, Frankston
Round 11 vs Southport at Gold Coast
Round 12 BYE
Round 13 vs GWS Giants in Sydney Venue TBC
Round 14 vs Footscray at Gold Coast
Round 15 vs Casey Demons at Gold Coast
Round 16 vs Brisbane Lions at Brisbane
Round 17 vs Carlton at Melbourne Venue TBC
Round 18 vs Essendon at Gold Coast
Round 19 vs Aspley at Graham Road

So in a nutshell, we play the following teams
Aspley x2
Footscray x2
Brisbane x2
Southport x 2
Essendon x1
Carlton x1
Casey x1
GWS x1
Sydney x1
Williamstown x1
Frankston x1
Collingwood x1
Richmond x0
Sandringham x0
Port Melbourne x0
Werribee x0
Box Hill x0
North Melbourne x0
Northern Bullants x0
Geelong x0
Coburg x0

Based on the 2019 VFL ladder, we don't play the Premiers (Richmond), and 5th-8th (Werribee, Geelong, Port and Box Hill) but we do play Williamstown (RU), Footscray and Essendon all of whom made finals.

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The Victorian

Premiership Player
Oct 23, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
Storm, Western Utd
How do we watch?
no news on it as yet.

This is from the press release though:

The fixture will deliver fans a blockbuster schedule of matches and allow maximised broadcast of the game with the VFL to enter the homes of more fans across more channels in 2021.

The Anzac Day weekend of football in Round Two will see the first Thursday night game of the season when Footscray Bulldogs travel to Sydney to play GWS GIANTS under lights at Blacktown International Sports Park. Thursday night matches will be a regular part of the VFL fixture in 2021 with games to be broadcast live for footy fans across the country.

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Apr 28, 2020
AFL Club
Gold Coast
The AFL and VFL are linked so if we travel, so will the VFL team. If we are at home, so will the VFL team
There is a case on the gc today , a tradie stripper of all things , if GC gets locked down the Suns will have to go into a hub , don't know whether they would take two teams worth, they should have waited till Covid has been sorted before doing a new 22 team interstate comp

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