2nds Gold Coast Reserves Thread

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Tarkyn_24s Best Friend
Mar 14, 2014
Muddiemooses head
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Gold Coast
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Roys FFC
From what I've seen he uses smart positioning and skill to beat opponents rather than athletic dominance.
He gets to those positions by using his burst of speed which most VFL level defenders at that heigh simply do not have, he does have good leading patterns though so he definitely has that going for him


Club Legend
Nov 11, 2017
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Gold Coast
Yeah Rankine probably may need a reset, but do we risk going in too tall then with King, Corbett, Jeffery and a resting Burgess/Day at times?
Depends on who the opposition is I guess some teams you can get away with it

I think once we get a ruckman day is out and burgess will be that fwd/ruck after his last handful of games being ruck

Mt Isa Mustang

Nov 23, 2019
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Gold Coast
I’m just watching from the start.
Word that best describes Jeffrey is fluid.

reminds me of Darryl white.

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