2nds Gold Coast Reserves Thread

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 18, 2011
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Gold Coast
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New England Patriots
Sorry for the intrusion Suns fans, just wondering how Jez Mclennan is developing? Curious as the Swans were keen on him on draft night but you traded up to nab him. Haven't seen or read much of him since so I was wondering if he's had some injuries?
Nope. Think he's just a bust. Rarely seen on the injury list.

Another mistake by our list managers in trading up to get him.

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The Victorian

Premiership Player
Oct 23, 2018
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Gold Coast
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Storm, Western Utd
No Suns players named in the VFL team of the year

Down the road at Southport, only Jacob Dawson and Billy Gowers being named.

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