Gold Coast sports curse

Does the Gold Coast sports curse exist?

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May 27, 2013
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The Curse is about to be lifted
More context on the Carrara/Skase Curse from the May-June edition of Bears Facts.
Bears and Albert Shire sign long-term lease

The Bears are well and truly home at Carrara after the signing of a 30 year lease with the Albert Shire Council for the permanent usage of Carrara sporting stadium for the Brisbane Bears. The lease also has an option for a further two - ten year periods ensuring the Bears are home at Carrara for the next 50 years.

The Bears will operate the administrative offices, all player and training facilities and develop a complex second to none in Queensland to feature a wide variety of sport and entertainment. The Bears stadium will ultimately become the property of the Albert Shire Council for the use of all Albert Shire residents.

The Bears intend to upgrade parking facilities, construct a pedestrian overpass and a stadium facility incorporating offices, gymnasium, merchandise area and sponsor boxes and much, much more in the coming years.
So 2020 marks the first year that the 30 year lease would not have been in place if the Bears had continued. Is the curse about to be lifted? I sure hope so!


Oct 13, 2019
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Seems poetic that our 10th year in the comp is also the year this supposed curse is lifted and it's the same year that we're probably in the best shape we've ever been (Some may disagree but seriously, our list has never been a closer group). Mostly thanks to the assistance but I'd like to think that this curse does exist. The Titans coming last as well and its supposed revival may mean a new era for the Gold Coast. Only time will tell

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