Gold Coast Suns V Geelong Commentary

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Graham B

Mar 7, 2020
AFL Club
Gold Coast
The commentators in last nights game seemed more intent on chatting than actually calling the game. During the 3rd quarter when the games intensity increased instead of calling the game the commentator were waffling on with interviews. Do the interviews during the quarter breaks, we want to watch the game. Plus the camera work was poor showing a lot of the game from long distance. If this was the standard of broadcasting for the men there would be an outcry calling for sackings.


Senior List
Jan 30, 2009
AFL Club
They do say if you haven't got anything constructive to say dont say it at all.

Let's be honest the commentators are probably rolling their eyes in disgust on how the afl have enforced the "polish the aflw pc turd and force it upon the gullible punter" commentary policy, ffs aflw is a few more years away from being watchable.

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