Review Good/Bad vs Gold Coast, Rd 3 2021

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I'm kind of a big deal on the east side
Jul 12, 2013
Wherever the ESH clubrooms are
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How good was Butts, Keays, McHenry, Sholl and Berry in that last quarter? All stood up when the game had to be won.

Especially Butts. Was getting his colours lowered against arguably the best young key forward in the league before monstering GCS in the fourth.

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 13, 2005
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Norwood, Red Wings
The youth are so exciting. I wouldn’t say any of them were outstanding, but all had their moments. All contributed. No secret to say I fell out of love with the AFC after years of crazy decisions off field and at the selection table, but I am falling back in love. All I wanted was for the youth to get games, and to be backed, and it is happening. Good on you Nicks!! Actually leading us through a rebuild!

Tex is playing the best footy I’ve seen him play since 2012, it’s remarkable. Sloane too was immense tonight, and really dragged his home.

Keays was sensational. 26 touches at 88%, huge.

Butts’ last quarter was MASSIVE. Enough said.

Guys like Lynch and Frampton should be nudged out soon enough. A few others not far behind them, but they’re the first two out for mine.

Couldn’t be happier with the direction we are taking.

Crows I Am

Club Legend
Jul 12, 2006
Adelaide S.A
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North Adelaide
Great win! Suns looked like they were going to kick away early but credit to the boys in working back into it. Very entertaining game to watch with 2 young sidea playing very attacking football.

Tex huge again
Sloane, Keays, Laird all good in the middle
Butts huge down back
Rowe and Ned both had their moments up forward
Not many passengers tonight, thought most played well


Club Legend
Mar 29, 2015
AFL Club
Tex - He's in rare form at the moment, the roos have kicked 18 goals this season, Tex is on 17...
Sloane - Huge game from the skip. 11 clearances and 20 contested disposals
Seeds - really good game from the second quarter onwards
Kelly - Before he was concussed by 92kgs of salt the other week I thought he was playing really well, continued on this week with some un-Kelly like composure
Smith - Seemingly hit everything at full pace, 776 metres gained
Berry, Berg, Sholl, Butts- all worked into it as the game went on, some really high quality efforts from all of them in the last quarter

Markovs mo


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Apr 19, 2016
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Fought back after 4 goals down. Traded the lead and didn't give up. Seniors leading the way (Sloane with a casual 35 touches, Tex with another 6), very happy with the win.

Don't want to get too ahead of myself, home game and no Rowell, lost their ruckman. But that was a gutsy win.

I'm excited and I'm going to drink some more to celebrate!

Bearded Clam

Premium Platinum
Oct 13, 2017
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im gonna say it... Ned Mchenry was ******* huuuuuge in that last quarter, pretty much the reason we won it.. two massive efforts that both resulted in the last two goals.. fierce at the contest, tackling like a maniac and put on some absolutely awesome pressure.

and... Geez we scored getting Ben Keays for essentially nothing.

brilliant team effort all round really.. cant really fault anyone.. maybe seed did a few sh*t things but meh, gotta have some things go wrong, cant have it all go your way.

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