Review Good/Bad vs North Melbourne, R4 2021

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Jan 18, 2009
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First quarter, meh. Last quarter, pretty great. Middle quarters, some of the most unaccountable, selfish and ill-disciplined footy I've seen us play. Frampton is not up to it and McHenry needs a rocket. As for positives, Doedee (captain's performance), Sholl and his last quarter (RS anyone?), Schoenberg were all terrific.

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croweater 41

something interesting, flog.
Mar 18, 2008
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There was a whole heap of ugly.

Good: Doedee, Laird, Shon, Scholl kept running and battling all day really kept us in it.
Murphey was was also very handy today.
Even though he only had three kicks Fog’s goal kicking is worth it. It’s a thing of beauty. We can talk about his overall game elsewhere but purely his goal kicking is sexy.

Bad: Frampton Lynch Kelly usual suspects.
Ugly: Three quarters of pure grossness that made me seriously considering mowing the lawns in the rain and wind instead of watching.
The umpiring was ugly too. Didn’t just affect us we were looked after very well at times I thought as well. It sort of just blended in with the overall skills and feel of the game the umpiring.


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Feb 3, 2014
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Our defenders as a unit. Even in a rebuilding side missing Talia, I feel safe as houses when we have even numbers.
Our midfield looked pretty much cooked inside without Sloane on the field. Need to see more of Schoenberg in there and hope that Fog builds a tank for more time pretty quickly. Hately might have to come in next week to give Laird a bit more help.


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Aug 17, 2007
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Scholl and Schoenberg were good most of the game
Laird working through the heavy tag
Doedee leadership at the start (and throughout) the last quarter. Captain in 2022.
The last quarter.

Bad two quarters.
Small forwards non existent for most of game.
North exposed our lack if leg speed.

Billy Frampton.....the guy is a joke.
Lynch, was unfit.

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