Review Good/Bad vs Richmond - Rd 13, 2019

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May 19, 2014
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I took my kids down earlier in the year to the Geelong game. Well you remember we were awful that night but were in it still somehow.
At some stage the Geelong supporter in front of me was standing up going nuts and I screamed at him “Sit down you fat ****”.
My older son recons it was the best thing he experienced at the game. LOL.
Keeps telling his friends and anyone else when it comes up.
I feel like a bad parent for laughing

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Mar 21, 2014
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Fair enough. Apologies :rainbow:. I aim to be understood.
This will surprise you, but I've resorted to a kind of abbreviated note-speak to reduce the length of my posts. *Cue hilarity and disbelief from jaytex and others *
To explain, I'm an ex-English teacher and value the power of written language at its best. Brevity is not my long suit ;).
I'll work on it and try to be clearer eg I edited the above, removing 3 sets of brackets!
I’m all for clarity. Especially when at work. Maybe not so much here.


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Aug 28, 2014
Adelaide, South Australia
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The thing with that bloody goal is that it almost defies physics. There would have been less than two metres clearance between the goal posts at that angle, and in order to get it in the direction, he had to have the ball spinning so that it was curling away from the goals. To get it right, he had to start it aimed almost at the near side point post. That's why most players would dribble it from there and hope that the usual bounce would draw it back to the goals.

The most astonishing part, though, is that he actually ran to a point that accommodated the kick he had in mind. He knew the kick he wanted and the angle he needed. It's innate, he didn't have time to get a protractor out.

His subconscious feel around the goals is astonishing. Better than Daicos. Probably the best I've ever seen in that regard.
I think Eddie will be remembered as the all-time AFL leader in kicking the largest number of spectacular, very difficult boundary goals. Reckon he has now kicked at least ten in his time with the Crows.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 23, 2016
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I think with behaviour it is a matter of context. If someone has a swearing outburst in a highly charged part of the game that is completely different to someone constantly swearing. Further, if someone is loud, cheering, yelling without offensive language at their own teams goals, good on them. Some don't seem to like the yelling, but it is the nature of the event, if you can't handle noise, don't attend.

Kane McGoodwin

May 21, 2001
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Bermuda Triangle.

If I had the power to accept the loss and rest players I would. Same with WCE away. I’ve already written those 2 off.

Win the 5 we should + Port and Collingwood at home and we end up 15 wins with a chance of top 4.

Reassess at the finals bye.
Pretty sure we have a far better record away against West Coast with some good wins... but I will be shocked if we win at the Cattery as we normally get flogged & never look like winning.


Nicks guys finish last
Jul 9, 2009
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Don't agree. I still want to be that 10 year old kid that dad took to sturt oval to see motley and Davies play in the 80s. Sturt lost but I still got a scarf and everyone got along.

I want to take my 10 yr old now to see a big game and feel part of it and part of the community around footy.

Footy is for everyone and if the line gets crossed, especially around my kids, I'm going to have a problem.

Gill unfortunately has to err on the side of caution because some idiots take things too far. That's unfortunate but he's got to be clear about expectations around behaviour up front.
If you feel that banging on the fence or calling umpires things will make your kid feel threatened then cotton wool parenting is probably a bigger issue for him than anything that happens at the footy

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 23, 2007
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If you feel that banging on the fence or calling umpires things will make your kid feel threatened then cotton wool parenting is probably a bigger issue for him than anything that happens at the footy
There's nothing wrong with that stuff, but you can see morons escalating things. Pretty much the reason we have the majority of laws/rules in society.


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Jul 18, 2006
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Smith - 22 touche and a goal
Laird - 32 touches and 4 tackles
Seed - 26 touches and a goal
Atkins - 29 touches and a goal

Gee, you are a hard taskmaster saying their form was a worry...a nice return to form for Seed though and I agree Milera and Douglas didn't have their best games
Nah the way we play now a days possessions mean nothing. All seem to fumble at the moment and make some poor decisions. I am not saying those four are completely out of form and should be dropped next week but I think they are a fair way off their best. We need them to find their touch if we are going to be a genuine threat.


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Mar 21, 2014
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I wonder if that was mentioned as a solution would the silent majority, who can enjoy a drink without getting obnoxious, start to rein in those who cant
SMA would need to start charging $25 for a bottle of water.
No one buys 5 bottles of water like they’d buy 5 beers.


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Jun 17, 2015
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Billy Bob65

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May 15, 2005
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Congratulations on the win.

Here are the midfield frequency stats from the game. If you haven't seen a previous post, this is an overall summary of how often your players. Thanks to a suggestion from Truck25, I'm now adding Champion Data's official centre clearances stat to the mix.

Overall Summary - 28 Bounces

Atkins 25 wing
M.Crouch 23
Seedsman 23 wing
B.Crouch 22 wing
Sloane 16 (1w)
CEY 13
Greenwood 6
Milera 4 (3i, 1w)
Smith 3 wing
Douglas 3 (2i, 1w)
Gallucci 2 wing

O'Brien 24 (Balta 15)
Jenkins 4 (Chol 13)

Centre Clearances Stat (Per Champion Data/

B.Crouch 5
M.Crouch 4
Sloane 4
Douglas 1
Greenwood 1

1st Half - 10

M.Crouch 9
Seedsman 9 wing
Atkins 8 wing
B.Crouch 7
Sloane 6 (1w)
Greenwood 2
Milera 2 (1w, 1i)
Gallucci 1 wing

O'Brien 7
Jenkins 3

2nd Half - 18

Atkins 17 wing
B.Crouch 15
M.Crouch 14
Seedsman 14 wing
Sloane 10
Greenwood 4
Douglas 3 (2i, 1w)
Smith 3 wing
Milera 2
Gallucci 1 wing

O'Brien 17
Jenkins 1

- Highest percentage of bounces attended for Brad Crouch (79%) in analysed games since he attended 81% of bounces in Rd 3 - this was the 6th game analysed since that match.

To answer Elite Crow's question from last week - the core data I compile myself which takes roughly 30-45 minutes depending on the amount of goals and whether I have to manually pause and track things due to poor starting camera angles or 7 not completing their replay before play resumes. Foxtel games take slightly longer as they're more fond of the long zoom for some bounces. The centre clearance stat is part of the free range of Champion Data stats that the AFL post as match stats - it is just hidden as an "advanced" stat.

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