Review Good/Bad vs St Kilda - Rd 13

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Mego Red

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Oct 3, 2003
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The thing with Talia, Milera and Crouch being out is we've had 13 games without them now. We've had plenty of time to bed a new structure and adapt, and by this point whilst we're a weaker side, most of the damage done has been mitigated. It's just about irrelevant.

Someone like Ross and Membrey is much more catastrophic because its unexpected. Especially Membrey who is their leading goal kicker.

Also on your other post - Brown == Carlisle? What world is a back pocket equal to a key position player structurally?
LOL - you saw the Collingwood game, right?

Carlisle is cooked and Brown is essential to our back six. It's not even comparable.


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Aug 21, 2008
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Talia is years younger and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Carlisle.

Crouch is a MILE better than Ross. Ross is almost done and hasn't been good in years.

Lynch was the best in the league in his role THIS YEAR before his injury.

Jones is just more of what they have - solid contested player who burns the ball. Gresham barely played this year or last year, and Membrey is just a middling player, who has been involved in a lot of losing.

There's some massive "grass is greener" overestimating of St Kilda in your post. Very similar to their list management last offseason ...

Marshall is very good, agreed.
Talia was born literally one day after Jake Carlisle - your post has instantly lost all credibility after just one sentence.

There's some massive overestimating of players that played in a team that finished 18th vs a team that actually won a final last year.

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