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Sep 8, 2008
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Hoping for an Offspring sideshow earlier in the week as its the day before my brothers wedding.

Seeing Smash in full would top seeing them play Ignition


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Jul 21, 2008
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I'm interested mainly for The Offspring, Dropkick Murphys and Babymetal (who supposedly put on a great show). Download caters to my taste in music much better but at least Good Things is in Brisbane. I'm hoping it is a success as heavy music festivals are obviously few and far between.

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Aug 16, 2009
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Had a very good day.

Joint best on ground: Karnivool, Trivium
Pleasant surprise: Thy Art is Murder - watched from the bar area (80m away) and they were so loud I still felt right in it.
Decent Headliner: Parkway Drive - lost form in recent albums IMO, but still great live; good lighting/pyro too.
Other highlights: Gravemind, Voyager
The festival: Stage 5 was brilliant, small area in between some hedges. Bar service was very quick. Not enough toilets for females, so many had to go in the gents. A lot of excellent Aussie artists on the bill - would've liked to see The Butterfly Effect and Violent Soho, but timetable clashes put an end to that.


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Apr 10, 2014
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Poppy - This girl is...unique, to say the least. She had her guitarist and drummer wearing black latex suits, masks and long blonde wigs. She has a good voice and some good dance moves on stage. Listen to her if you want a very different experience.

Ice Nine Kills - Awesome! Dressed in costumes for each horror themed song and had a girl playing the female characters in each of the movies their songs are based on. During their set, a girl on barrier got bloodied by a crowdsurfer (I assume) so the whole front row stepped back to allow a quick exit for her. Also, a couple got engaged in the mosh pit for this one.

The Veronicas - Bit of a novelty. Played their well known songs and the wall of death in Untouched was something special.

Trivium - Very heavy.

Enter Shikari - Another unique band. So much fun with that clap in 'Sorry You're Not a Winner' which got the whole crowd participating.

Simple Plan - These guys were BOG for me. I've seen them once before so I expected them to be good but they were so much fun and had me bouncing around for all their classics. They even played the theme song for the cartoon 'What's New Scooby Doo' that they did years ago. Pierre said he was going to play Wonderwall and even played the first few seconds of it before saying he was only joking. Also, Erin Reus from Brisbane band Stateside came out to co-sing 'Jet Lag' like she did last year when her band supported Simple Plan and she was amazing at that once again. She is perfect for that role.

Yours Truly - Aussie band headlining Stage 5. I wasn't familiar with too much of their stuff but the song they closed with 'High Hopes' is a good one and the whole crowd loved that one. Keep an eye on them as I think they might get bigger.

A Day To Remember - It was a day to remember indeed. I was standing to the side of the stage for this one and there were a lot of crowdsurfers. All of them walked past me and when their singer came over to the side of the stage, me and him made direct contact and did the 🤘🤘 to each other.

Parkway Drive - I actually left halfway through just to beat the crowds getting home but they did a very good entrance to the stage and they sounded very heavy. I saw photos on social media that they leaked their headline tour in June next year on the big screen after their set.
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