Grade Your Football Ability

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Jack Delchau

May 8, 2013
AFL Club
Other Teams
Liverpool FC, Golden State Warriors
Accidentally did this in health and fitness before.

Feel free to use a set out similar to this. I thought it would be helpful to see how you can improve.

Scouting Report for

Position Played:



Haven't played in a while but will give it a crack anyway.

Position Played: Forward Pocket / HF Flank

Current Height: 189cm
Current Weight: 90kg
Age: 22

- Accurate kick for goal
- Positioning and awareness
- Physical size
- Good speed from 0-50m
- Ability to play in a few different positions

- Terrible on my right foot
- Endurance
- Contested marking
Position: hff/wing
Height: 187
Weight: (wait for it) 63. Only because I haven't been able to work out since I did my knee a couple months ago, dropped 12 kgs
Age: 18

Leading because I would run up to the wing on a lead from ff, so my marking on the run was always good
Always put my head over the ball
Fast hands, could get the ball out of the pack very fast and handball at least 15m both hands
Physical player for my size
Long kick

Disposal was poor under pressure, weird because I loved being at the bottom of the pack getting the ball out
Not fast with ball in hand
Kicked a lot of floaters
I was always playing with niggles, but still managed to only miss 1 game in 5 years
Was played mostly in the forward line, but I hated it, I preferred to play in defense or on the ball, but we had plenty of mids and I never got enough opportunities to play backline
Didn't work enough in preseason, hated training but never missed a session, if I went back now I would be much better because I love to work out now, was going to return this year but fractured kneecap and tore mpfl, I could still make it back this season but I decided to take the year off so I don't stuff it up long term, besides, muscle wasting so severe I doubt I could kick 10 metres.

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Position: wing/Hf
Height 172cm
Weight 75kg
Age 17

Pretty quick.
Accurate kick.
Strong contested mark.
Read the play well.

Usually play with little niggles. Right knee, groin and ankle usually become sore near the end of the season.
Can't kick with my left.
Crappy clubs which left me to leave to play soccer.
Scouting Report for: danger_to_walker

Position Played: Mid/HF

Height: 175
Weight: 80
Age: 27

Strengths: Report @ 18yo, i.e. Draft age
Elite vision, decision making and disposal, both by hand or foot.
Dual sided.
Quick, creative hands in close - inside/outside player.
Elite pace (2.85 20m)
Clean hands, one grab player.
Find space well.
Impact scoreboard, accurate shot on goal, both set-shot and on the run (First XVIII kicked 46.13, SANFL U/19's 28.7)

Endurance not great high 12 beep, 11 min 3km
Defensive side needs work
Can fade in and out of games
Position Played: Utility, primarily BP

Height: 181
Weight: 70
Age: 25

Strengths: Report @ 25 years of age. Peak.
Win most contests

Disposal on right foot
Disposal on left foot
Disposal by hand
Disposal by illegal means
Too light
Sucked in via sledging
Share portfolio
Snap the ball when shooting too often instead of drop punt
Don't protect myself at all in contests
Position Played: Generally Half Back

Current Height: 177cm
Current Weight: 95kg (carrying a few extra kg's)
Age: 26

I'm a footballer, not an athlete!

- Kicking; both at goal and field, and on both sides of the body
- Reading the play
- Decision making
- Intercept marking
- Awareness
- Temperament; not a fan of the biff
- Uncontested possessions; not big on contested footy

- Fitness; although I've improved significantly
- Speed; very slow, but i am a fast decision maker
- Tackling
- Contested footy
- Injury prone; currently out with a dislocated shoulder
Scouting Report for eth-dog

Position Played: Full Back/Back Pocket

Height: 187cm
Weight: 82kg
Age: 21


- one-on-one marking contests
- spoiling
- handballing
- endurance


- kicking
- getting caught on the lead
- rebounding
- smaller opponents
- slow
Scouting Report for fuzzy happy poo

Position Played: small forward

Height: 155
Weight: 50
Age: 17

kicking accuracy from close

long kicks
Scouting report for Fitzey.

Position Played: Tall Forward, Tall mid, Ruck.

Height: 189cm
Weight: 78kg
Age: 14


Set Shots
Contested marking contests.
Ground work
Kicking and Handballing
Can kick with left and right foot.


Kicking long with left foot.
Vertical Jump. (Play Ruckman because of height.)
Not fast (But I could run all day, Just not fast)
Gives a bit of a sledge.
Size in wet conditions.
Scouting Report for: mike123

Position Played: Left Wing/Forward Pocket (currently), I've have also played as a tagger and a defender.

Height: 177cm
Weight: 65kg
Age: 19


- Elite Speed ( Rarely get run down from behind, when I've got the ball and there is a paddock ahead of me that's the perfect situation for me to have the ball in )
- Crumbing Ability
- Run down tackling
- Kicking (nice left foot, I usually know where to put so the player can mark it)
- Side-step
- Weaving through traffic ( Don't get caught often and usually get a handpass out if I do)
- Marking on the lead
- Play reading ( Been told I'm a good play reader by others)
- Hands ( can strip the ball from packs)

- Tank
- Consistency altogether (being mainly outside doesn't help)
- Inconsistent inside ability
- Size
- Toughness ( Not always hard at the ball and sometimes when I have to commit to a pack mark I don't )
- Shanking ( Despite considering my self a good kick I'm prone to shanking )
- Snaping ( I've kicked some nice snap goals but struggle to get distance on them)
- Prefer to corall then tackle ( get caught out when player is a good side-stepper)
- Spoiling (Not good at spoiling a pack or spoiling opponent on the lead)

Player Comparrison
As a forward - Michael Walters (More speed, less scoring power)
As a Midfielder - Danyle Pearce
As a Defender - Marley Williams (Better kick, less toughness)
Position Played: Generally Half Back

Current Height: 180-183cm
Current Weight: Roughly 85kgs

- Accurate kick for goal
- Above average skills
- Dual Sided
- Decision making
- Defensive running; pressure acts
- Awareness and vision
- Contested ball winning ability
- Spoiling
- Rarely give away a free kick
- Selling the candy ;)
- Strong leading and leading to the right places

- Endurance
- Slow and not agile
- Don't get a lot of possessions
- Contested Marking
- Not composed under pressure
- Sometimes can be selfish, usually when kicking for goal
- Don't use my voice enough
- Sometimes I don't commit to a marking contest
Position Played: Centre Half Back or Full Back

Current Height: 181cm
Current Weight: 77kg
Current Age: 15


-Contested marking
-1 on 1 marking contests
-Defensive awareness
-Kicking on opposite foot

-Getting the inside ball
-Goal kicking

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Position Played: Centre half forward or full forward

Current Height: 177cm
Current Weight: 101kg
Current Age: 19


-Deadly right boot
-Goal kicking
-1 on 1 marking contests
-Getting the hard ball
-Defensive pressure

-Left foot kicking
-Lack of height
-Footy smarts
I haven't player proper club footy for a while but I'll give it a go.


Played as a Wing and Half forward flank in my 'glory days' at the Cranbourne Junior Football Club
H: 172cm
W: 74kg
A: 16


Fairly accurate kick
Fairly accurate opposite foot kick
Sort of accurate shot on goal
Fairly strong for my size
Can run fairly fast
Can do a mad Bananananana from the boundary line
Can take a mad screamer


I haven't footy in a long time
I'm as unfit as a Mother******
I'm short
181cm, 70kg


Good: Discipline (spoiling from behind, don't give away frees while tackling, backing into packs, don't backchat umps etc), don't usually waste the ball (more because I know my limits and so will choose to retain possession with a short kick which I know I can hit, rather than go for the 45 meter drop between the oppo ruckman and CHB or something...), covering teammates defensively, smothering (out of all things I can nail smothers, 1-2 times a game at least I'll actually catch a smother and keep running)

Bad: long kicking, vision, intensity, running (speed and endurance), overhead marking, wet weather footy, handballing to others on the run, kicking for goal, don't get the ball much (a few reasons, used to play midfield when I was 12-13 and regularly would rack up handballs all day, but other kids overtook me for size, speed and strength over 14-17 and now I end up as a 10-12 disposals a game player)
Height: 168cm :(
Weight: 84kg.

Broke my ankle 3 years ago and took up bodybuilding which explains the relatively heavy weight to height ratio.

When I was at peak fitness I was an on-baller. If i decide to have a crack next year I'll most likely be a pocket at either end. I was 67kgs when I was an on baller, so my 84kgs now would come in handy in that regard.


- Quick.
- Accurate set shot.
- Strong base, takes a couple of bigger guys to bring me down due to my strong centre of gravity. Again, that was at 67kgs, so I would think it would be much better now.
- Strength.

- Fitness. I used to be very, very fit. I can recall my resting heart rate being under 50 at one point.
- Height, obviously.
- Talk. I'm a quiet bloke.. I'm first to admit that.
Scouting Report for Greater Gattsby

Position Played: Rover/Wing/Full Forward

Play most like: Kayne Turner
Height: 175cm
Weight: 55kg
Age: 17

  • Vertical jump - For my small size, I often find myself on top of packs.
  • Sprint speed - Love getting the ball in space, burning off a couple of players then kicking from 35 out on the run.
  • Defensive awareness - Always a kick behind the play when the opposition has the ball.
  • Tagging ability - Can shut down a player, but It takes myself out of the game.
  • Physical attack on opposition - Loves laying a big bump and run down tackles from behind.
  • Large tank - Can run out the game.
  • Kicking - Confident on both feet.
  • Can ruck occasionally.
  • Weight - I'm scrawny, so I always get looked over for TAC cup. Have had scouts at my games, but they always insist I'm not heavy enough.
  • Unnecessary bumps - Got rubbed out this year for a shirt front
  • Quiet bloke on the field - Instrumental off the field.
Much better than the lies that many parents tell me they did...
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Ah, let's give this a go. :p

Position Played: Rover as a junior, defensive small forward with the occasional run through the middle now. Had a stint at back pocket in the last game this past season. Didn't end well at all.
Height: 179cm
Weight: 69kg
Age: 20

Running and recovery: I run a 15.4 beep test and am in the top three sprinters at my club.
Courage: I copped a spray at training and really worked on it. I have no hesitation going back with the ball or diving into a pack now.
Good hands: Both on the pick up and marking. Can handball accurately over ten metres on both sides.
High marking: Good judgement and can get a bit of height on the jump.
Tougher than I look: Due to my build, I've been cleaned up a fair bit, but I get up and keep running immediately.
Build: I'm pretty wiry, which makes me look more fragile than I am. I think my build probably gave the coach the wrong impression regarding my willingness to get stuck in which meant I didn't get as much game time as I would have liked.
Consistency: Some days I can just keep running, the ball leaps into my hand, my tackles stick and I can snap goals from the middle of nowhere. Other days I seem out of breath, hopelessly out of position, being shrugged aside and my kicks are shanks.
Always playing with niggles: Fingers were all busted before the season started, ankles played up throughout the year and I played the last three or four games of the season with stress fractures in my right foot.
Long kicking: In junior footy I had a massive kick for my age, but a few years lay off has been pretty detrimental to that.
Kicking on the left: Always been shocking, compounded by ankle injuries. No depth on it, little accuracy and no confidence.
Position Played: Rover/Half Back

•Hard Ball Gets
•Good Skills
•Versatile (can play many pos)
•Tagger If Needed

•Terrible Right Foot
•Injury Prone
•OverHead Marking
•UnContestant Possessions
Position Played: Wing/Midfield
Height: 170cm
Weight: 55 kg
Age: 14

Contested Mark
Accurate Kick under 30m
Good under pressure
Good decision maker
Clean hands
Evasion skills
Reading the play

Kicking over 30m
Set shot
Left foot
Contested ball winning ability
Short-tempered (easily sucked into fights and free kicks)
Doesn't get many possessions, (but uses them well)
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Position played: Forward Pocket
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 83 kg


-goal sense


-field kicking
-easily pressured
-contested marking

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