Socceroos (Graham Arnold and) The Socceroos Thread


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Sep 22, 2011
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100% agree with players' and their unwise decisions to move abroad.
Sainsbury did this. Developmental wise, he regressed. Played more international games then club games, which is embarrassing considering the international break comes around every so often, and club play nearly 50 games a season. Now is in Israel, as a result of lack of gametime.
But looking back, the Golden Generation more or less did this too. Kewell left at 16. Viduka went across from NSL to Croatia. Perhaps the youth today isn't as talented or that the international football has gotten better compounded by inflated wages. Lots at play here.
Africa certainly have progressed and talents have broken through. I don't think going to Asia has worsen Australia tbh.
Whats another key issue is that since 05, the money have poured in significantly as compared to the dark early 2000s whereas politically and family have disrupted the systems today, developmental models in place. Not a good look. A League is affected by those in power.

Don't think Australia have capitalized on the growth of the round ball since 05. They stuffed it up and playing catch up.

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Aug 29, 2010
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My god the talent pool in Australia is dire at the moment. You see countries like Zambia, Canada, Mali etc represented at a high level in the champions league and we have half of our best team playing reserves or not at all.

Our 90s and Naughties teams would beat our 2010s team by 5 goals almost everytime
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