Game Day Grand Final 2019 Tigers v Giants

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 19, 2004
AFL Club
Pretty envious of the Tigers. Exciting game style (more exciting than the hawks chip chip stuff when they were succesful). Succesful transformation from laughing stock to 2 time premiers. Amazing culture.
They’re everything I hoped we’d be but now hope we’ll be. Fantastic turnaround from the depths of despair.

Went out and got the best assistants, the best footy manager and best development coaches and turned the whole club culture around in less than 1 season!!! Yes, less than 1 season!

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Reynolds Number

Premiership Player
Apr 29, 2016
AFL Club
Other Teams
Stoke City, Dortmund, San José, As
Watched it from my smartphone. Ruthless performance that was. You wouldn't think this club was a laughing stock 4 years ago.

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