Grand Final Tickets Thread, 2015.

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Dec 1, 1999
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You may find you have tickets during the next month you cannot use.

Every year we have people looking to use BigFooty as a place to dispose of unwanted tickets. If you want to give those tickets a new home, by all means lets us know about it.


All ticket offers to go in this thread only. Your club board will probably also have a tickets thread if you just want to sell to a fellow supporter of your club.

We ask that all sales are for face value or less only.

Under anti-scalping regulations you can recover fair transaction costs up to 10% of face value.

No markups, no bundling a ticket with another item (Can of Coke $250 - Includes Ticket).

As a community with a common interest I hope we can deal fairly with each other.

PLEASE NOTE: All purchases are made at your own risk. BF has no involvement in transactions, apart from allowing people to find each other through this thread, and makes no guarantees about what is offered. We're not a seller, agent or middle man.
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Dec 23, 2008
Inner East
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Hopefully one day someone tells the AFL about the no bundling with another item rule. We don't want your $1000 grand final breakfast and lunch thanks.
The AFL allows this, mostly because the clubs need the money. They've done a decent job cutting the non-competing clubs' allocations over the past few years, but still have some way to go.
Though you'll never do away with it entirely: corporates wouldn't tip nearly as much money into the sport if they didn't get the perks of going to the grand final, and the AFL.


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Aug 12, 2008
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West Coast
Hi guys, just wanted to know if anyone had GF bar codes for said tickets (ballot) available? I am chasing 4 in total. Obviously more than happy to pay for them please p.m. me if your interested in selling :)


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Sep 27, 2001
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Liverpool, NSW
I know this is going to be a long shot since there are still plenty of tickets left, but here goes.

I have 7 tickets (3 adults, 4 concessions) for the Swans v North game that my group doesn't need anymore as we have obtained better tickets. Aisle 111 Row 26, classified as Category C, but next to the edge of the premium section. These seats are situated just outside or on the 50m arc looking at the seating map and will in most likelihood be amongst Swans supporter

Face value is $45 adults, $34 concession but I'm willing to take 25% less i.e. $34 adults $26 concessions, and I'm willing to sell any combination of tickets.

Note on concession, in all my years of going to games at the SCG and ANZ, I've never seen anyone being asked for proof of concession status. But buy at your own risk.

Update: Only have 3 concession tickets left all in consecutive seats.
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Feb 25, 2012
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West Coast
Hi all Victorian North members, congratulations on the performance, Kangas looking good. Do any of you who are not coming over for the game have membership barcodes that I can use over here in Perth to secure tickets? Would be very much appreciated! Cheers.
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Sep 20, 2015
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North Melbourne
A call out to any North members who aren't going to the match on Saturday: I'm a North member out in the West and am keen to take my 10 year old son on Saturday, but the allocations out here are 1 ticket per membership. For us to sit together I'll have to wait for general public release, if there are any tickets left.

So if anyone is able to provide a bar code for me to use Tuesday, I'd be grateful. I'm willing to provide mine for GF ballot (Priority 3), would even foot the $5 transaction fee.

Appreciate someone's help as the last time my boy saw NM, it was the 2012 EF - time to make amends!



Sep 26, 2015
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Devastated Dockers fan looking to sell 2 x AFL Grand Final packages. Selling at cost, not looking to make a profit. Official AFL package - Centre Square Package, Grand Final Greatness. Category 1 tickets. Call 0448 590 772 if interested.

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Always Hawks

Sep 30, 2013
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Looking for 1 or 2 GF tickets. Paying up to $1,500 per ticket/package (face value + transaction costs of course). Please PM me.

Legitimate buyer and, for security, would prefer to exchange proof of identification (e.g. photo of drivers licence) before the payment.


Sep 26, 2014
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Looking to buy 1 ticket! Happy for any seat or standing room! PM me if you're looking to sell your ticket, would be greatly appreciated :)


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