Universal Love Grand final week general discussion - Opposition supporters welcome

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Club Legend
Apr 6, 2017
AFL Club
Love how 3/4 of the video is of the red reserve team surging forward through our HBF line. At least we know how to beat ourselves?

That track has some slappin' bass and Chemical Bros vibes about it.
I kinda wish we had played Majak Daw for a few games this year, just so he could absolutely poleaxe some opposition players.


Premiership Player
Oct 8, 2018
Near Philly
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Philadelphia Eagles
I don’t typically root hard for individual players, but would really love to see Max put a cherry on top of this season with a big performance today/tomorrow. The guy has turned me into a fan. Not just by how he’s put the team on his back at various times, but how he conducts himself off the field as well.

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