Grant Birchall has his knee tidied up .. again .. and again!


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Jul 24, 2007
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I thought Birch was running on rails by the end of 2016. Somehow finished 4th in the Crimmins Medal from memory, but he appeared to be struggling by the back end of that season & had lost mobility/agility.

That was the time to trade him, given whom else we traded that off-season & what we got for them.

In saying that, we didn’t & he remains a listed player, so I’m looking for a silver lining... If nothing else, his knee can’t have suffered further damage in the last 2 years, can it? He’s barely been on it.

I know he’s had numerous procedures, but is there any way that the break & rehab bring him back better than prior to injury or is it all about management now?

Management from here on. Final year of contract and I will be very surprised if he is on our list next season.

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