Grassroots Footy- Daly River Aboriginal Football Team

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Albert Collier

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Jul 23, 2006
AFL Club
The Big Footy community has been incredible and have donated over $1500 to get this wonderful team up and running in 2023. The Kangas Board and the posters in the Racism thread have been incredible. Engagement in these communities is crucial and football plays such an important role. I have just sent up about $5000 worth of boots, water bottles and medical supplies etc to help support. We are now trying to raise funds for match day costs etc. My great mate is running this side of the fundraiser. Thought i would share it here in case there are a few of you that would love to donate a few bucks. My great friend Miriam Rose Ungunnmerr Baumann the Senior Australian of the Year is working tirelessly with young Aboriginsl children to give them better outcomes in life. Her home town of Daly River has joined the ‘The Big Rivers Club’ in Katherine but need $6000 to be able to maintain their team throughout the year. These are young men who have been through an enormous amount in their lives and football is a wonderful outlet for them. This is grassroots footy at its best.

Thanks in advance



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