Greatest AFL nicknames of all time and background on how the nickname came about.

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Sep 24, 2022
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Greatest AFL nicknames of all time and how they got that nickname when it is not obvious.

You can also add internal nicknames if applicable (in house) within the team versus his nickname in the general public.

I will start off with Nathan Buckley FIGJAM - I find it interesting on Nathan's Wikipedia page that his only listed nickname is Bucks one can only assume he pays some Uni student to check it twice a day and remove it if needed.

Stiffy (word on the street is he isn't fond of this nickname) but with the name Johncock it's hard to get away from it excuse the pun and the Galloping Gasometer are amongst my personal favs. The Horse is also a good nickname.
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Nick Blakey - The Lizard
Mitch McGovern - Brackets
If Daniel and Michael Talia were not nicknamed 'Jenny' it would be national disgrace.

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Josh Gibson's nickname is the Jamaican, yet his father is from Barbados. :think:
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I will get the players names wrong but I was at a Carlton game where the crowd yelled the nicknames "elevator" for madden, "dominator" for wayne johnson and "masturbator" for dorotich after he was caught knocking the top off in his car outside of training
How does it compare to Robbie Nahas?

Need to find out the length times diameter plus weight over girth divided by the angle of the tip squared.
Mick Nolan was called the Galloping Gasometer because of the Gasometer at the back of Arden Street. Always loved that name and its very appropriate


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