Greens candidate resigns after drugs, shoplifting boasts

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Jun 30, 2017
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Problem is, being against big corporations and the government nowadays is just wanting things to be square. Just like how a text book democratic constitutional capitalist society is presented. You dig?

Here’s a history lesson they won’t teach you in Grade 6 English;

We’re like that show that used to be on TV and starred Michael J Fox, and he was this square kid and his parents were the hippies... what was it called again...? ...Family Ties. But it’s like we’re trying to get back to the good economy and whatever there was good about the government, back in the 80s. Like we’re trying to go Back to the Future...

That’s why, retro is in vogue. All the kids recently and nowadays are watching movies that I used to watch when I was a baby, like Ghostbusters, Predator, Conan, Pokémon, and god-willing He-Man, and shit. That was some high class intellectualism. It may have been rough around the edges, but it had some soul, depth and perspective.

There are kids nowadays playing on the Nintendo Entertainment System and loving games that are made in retro style. They know they missed out on something beautiful and tetrahedral. Built on the foundation of a movement of peace, love and civil rights - a spiritual war against tyranny, fear and injustice.

The plastic back in those days was laced with lead, and smelt like arsenic, it wasn’t that superficial plastic crap you get nowadays. There was weight to it; heart. Like angular pixels and rectangular cars, they had some grounding and foundation. Now it’s just mass produced, smooth, cheap and light-weight frilly shit.

...but hopefully we don’t go back to some of the weird shit that happened in the 80s, like mullets and moustaches, tight stubbies shorts, and a Prime Minister who would down a beer to be a good role model for the kiddies...

But anywho it’s a shame the affluent kids (or the kids who became affluent due to the opportunities they had) born out of the ~60s (and a few years either way) came of age in a time of opportunity, and instead of preserving this for future generations to enjoy, decided to be all “me me me!” Didn’t learn a thing from their hippie parents. This is the time we’re trying to get back to, before these guys screwed it up.

That’s going to be the lesson for us. When we’re riding the high of our rebellion and we spark the next revolution of ideas and industry, we have to remember to tell our kids not to fook it up. Like the w***ers in charge have done. Bunch of self-centered assholes.
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